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Pat Riley is considered one of the most successful and influential basketball coaches in the history of the game. His imparts his wisdom to his readers through his best selling book "The Winner Within". Riley is known as a master tactition for his skill in assembling and managing high profile teams. His uncanny ability to meld highly talented individuals into a positively function team has garnered him national recognition as an expert on teamwork, personal growth, and leadership. He has spoken to countless organization, teams, and businesses on the important issues of teamwork, improvement, discipline, and change. His book will give you vital insights into team dynamics and the strategies that can help them achieve all their goals.

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John Wooden is regarded as the greatest collegiate coach ever. He led the UCLA Bruins to 10 National Championships, winning 7 consecutive titles and reeling off an unthinkable 88 game winning streak. Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success has been studied and used by countless coaches, teachers, and students across the world. Wooden's wisdom and building blocks for success are revealed in his book as he communicates his balanced approach to basketball and life. Through his unfailing commitment to excellence, Coach Wooden has set the standard for the coaching profession: his book is a must read.

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Coach K's legacy was forged on the campus of Duke University where he has led the Duke Blue Devil's basketball program to 4 national championships and 11 final fours. He is known as a leader of men who has left a legacy through the players he has coached at Duke over the last 31 years. Before traveling to Duke he spent time at West Point Academy as both a player and a coach. His background in the military made him a stickler for discipline with all of his teams. His attention to detail and obsession with team chemistry and leadership are a few of the factors that make him a Hall of Fame coach. He draws on his vast coaching expertise to share some of his most thoughtful insights with all of his readers. This book is well worth your time.

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Whether you play competitive basketball or have aspirations to go into coaching you here are a few great coaching books that even the most casual fan would enjoy.

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