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Basketball hoops come in all different shapes, sizes, and prices. The key to finding the right hoop to fit your needs is to understand what purpose you want the basketball system to serve and then choosing a system that matches those needs.

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The Lifetime system is your standard cheap basketball system intended for casual use. If you have small children or are just looking to buy your first basketball hoop without investing a lot of money, then the Lifetime system works well. It adjusts from 7.5-10ft for varying heights to shoot on and there is the convenience of being able to move the hoop to different locations.

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The Goalsetter system has the capability to adjust from 6-10ft and comes with ground anchor hinge system which provides you with what you need to get your system into the ground and ready for use. The goal comes with the standard 54in glass backboard which is standard on all official courts. The Goalsetter brand is known for making quality products and they stand behind each system they sell by offering an lifetime warranty with each purchase. The serious basketball player should strongly consider the Goalsetter system.

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The Wilson system is a bit more expensive than the Goalsetter system, but offers the latest in technological advances. The glass backboard is guaranteed never to shatter and the overall construction of the Wilson system gives its users incredible stability and quality. The other reason this system is slightly more expensive than the Goalsetter system is because of the larger backboard. Overall, a quality product at a decent price.

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