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Spalding is the only brand that makes "never flat" basketballs. If you are looking for a quality basketball that rarely needs to be pumped up, the Spalding line of "never flat" basketballs are a good buy.

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The "never flat" basketballs are guaranteed to stay inflated ten times longer than regular basketballs. They are constructed with new technology that keeps air in, while repelling dirt and debris that can flatten basketballs.

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Some basketballs in the Spalding line will come with a built in pump that will allow you to manually pump up the ball at any time. I don't recommend these models because the pump often slips out of its lodging and can become a distraction while playing.

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The "never flat" line of basketballs includes a men's and women's indoor and outdoor model. They also carry an international ball for any aspiring professional basketball players. Be sure to choose the one that works for you!

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Buying a "Never Flat Basketball" can you save you time and money, it should be an investment worth thinking about.

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