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Buying basketball in bulk is an easy process that any coach or athletic administrator can accomplish. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps...

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First, identify the type of basketball you are going to need. All girls basketball teams will play with a 28.5 size basketball. Most youth programs (boys and girls) will use this size, but for extremely young kids, certain distributors will make a "youth" size. Boys typically will use a 28.5 size ball until they reach the high school level. Once they reach high school level they will transition to using a standard full size ball.

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Buying basketballs in bulk will save you money if you order from on online distributor. Several websites (baseballfly and will give you free shipping on all of your basketballs in bulk.

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The last step before ordering basketballs in bulk is to make sure you order the correct brand of basketball. Certain leagues will mandate that all of their schools play with the same basketball. In that case you will not have much choice on the brand of ball you choose.

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However, if you do have the freedom to choose the brand of ball I would recommend going with either the Spalding TF-500 or the Wilson Evolution ball. I have played with both basketballs and have found them to be superior to most other basketballs.

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Every needs new basketballs, so buying balls in bulk will help save you money and will outfit your team for success.

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