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Vegas VIP passes are key to clubbing in the City That Never Sleeps. Young swingers (and wannabe swingers) know the best way to get the most out of the Las Vegas nightclub scene is with Vegas VIP passes. Vegas VIP passes are available via the Internet before you depart for Vegas at Vegas Passport.

Step 2

Without a VIP pass, a clubber is relegated to "general admission" status - which translates to waiting in a very long line or not being able to get into a particular nightclub at all.

Step 3

Seriously, you and your buddies may not get in. Vegas is not your hometown. In short, don't plan to club in Vegas without a VIP pass. And guys who Create a Profile on Campus Men find that they acheive a bit of VIP status in their life at college to go along with that Vegas VIP status!

Step 4

Not all Vegas VIP passes are created equal: Scope out the Vegas club you want to visit and determine its hours and what type of passes are available. Many casino/hotels offer "all area" passes to every club on the premises. Example: The trendy Palms offers all-area VIP passes for its ghostbar, Rain, Playboy Club and Moon. A single price gets a person into all of them in the course of one night.

Step 5

In many instances, a pass is not the same as a wristband pass. Wristband passes generally cost more, but they allow you to go directly to the front of the admission line. Vegas clubs buzz every night, but weekends are really big. Mid-week passes cost less than weekend passes. It might be advantageous to time a visit Monday through Thursday.

Step 6

Women pay less for passes then men do. This is blatant sexism, but club operators could care less. Luring in hot women means men will follow and nature will take its course. If you want to get a primer on how to "do" Vegas, order the DVD Clubbing: Las Vegas beforehand. You'll learn all you need to know for a little more than the cost of one Vegas cocktail.

Step 7

Cost of Vegas VIP passes: VIP passes range from inexpensive ($10-$20) to very expensive ($800+), depending on the club, number of guests included, and what you want to do there. The average range is $40 to $100 for a single-shot pass. Passes can be obtained in advance of travel to Vegas at Vegas Passport.

Step 8

Vegas VIP bottle service: "Bottle service" is available at virtually every nightclub in Las Vegas. It is also called "table pass" or "bottle pass." This means you get a drink set up for a certain number of people (from 2 to 6) plus liquor (generally Skyy, Stoli or equivalent). A pass that includes bottle service can run $300 to as much as $900 at popular clubs in the upscale hotel/casinos. It may appear expensive, but "bottle service" is well worth the investment if you consider the number of people you can get into the club versus the total cost. So, pool your money. You may only get to Las Vegas once, so don't hesitate to do the town in style and get the most bang for your buck.

Step 9

Age limit for Vegas VIP passes: Virtually all Las Vegas nightclubs are age restricted. You must be 21 or older to buy a VIP pass or enter a club, so no high schoolers need bother to apply.

Step 10

Days and times for Vegas VIP passes: Most Las Vegas nightclubs are open Tuesday through Sunday, with a few open on Monday. Most open their doors about 8 or 9 p.m., but a few do not open until midnight. All stay open until the early morning. The single best piece of advice aspiring clubbers can get is PLAN TO GO EARLY. Even VIP pass lines can be long, so the sooner you get there (8 or 9 p.m. is not too early), the better.

Step 11

Tuesdays are the nights moviedom and entertainment movers and shakers can be found at Studio 54 in MGM Grand. Mondays are when the private Foundation Room in Mandalay Bay is open to the public.

Step 12

Dress codes in effect in Vegas nightclubs: You cannot slum in a Las Vegas nightclub. Come prepared to dress like you are hitting the town in Sin City. Cocktail dresses and similar attire are expected. No jeans, t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, casual shorts are acceptable and will not get you past the velvet rope. Men cannot wear flip-flops; backless shoes are acceptable for women.

Step 13

Hottest clubs for VIP passes: Not all Las Vegas clubs are created equal when it comes to clientele. Most popular night spots are Pure at Caesar's Palace, Studio 54 at MGM Grand, Tao at The Venetian, the Voodoo Lounge at Rio, Jet at Mirage, Rok at New York-New York, LAX at Luxor, and the four clubs in The Palms - Rain, ghostbar, Moon and the Playboy Club.

Step 14

Studio 54 is named for the famed New York disco of the 1970s and features some of its decor. You can see movie stars and movie star wannabes there and at Pure. Britney Spears frequents the ghostbar - at least she did in her crazy days. Other celebs can be spotted on any given night in Las Vegas nightclubs and restaurants.

Step 15

Bachelor and bachelorette parties: There's no better place for that final fling before marriage than a Las Vegas nightclub. Hundreds of grooms and brides (and their associated friends and wedding parties) flock to the city each year. Bachelor Party passes are available. The girls can pickup Bachelorette Party Club-Hopping Packages . Special Vegas VIP passes for these special parties are available online at Vegas Passport .

Step 16

On your last day in Vegas, you will be dreading the fight home to your real life. But there is a way to bring a little fun with you. Qualifying to become a Campus Man is perfect for guys who love Vegas. You have your VIP pass in Vegas and being a Campus Man keeps the VIP status in your life back home! Being a Campus Man also allows you to continue the fun and the pursuit of hot chicks. All the girls in Vegas will know the guy they met in Vegas (you) was a bit of a Celebrity at his college. Finally, be sure to pick up the Lonely Planet Las Vegas Encounter guidebook to study what you need to know before arriving - so you can maximize your fun in Vegas.

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