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Step one in choosing the right hockey trophy is determining what function it will serve. A league (or tournament) championship trophy is often a larger trophy made from wood or metal, or a combination of both, which has multiple small plaques on it for inscribing the name of the winning team. A player award is often a small statuette of a hockey player or version thereof, which can be awarded for a variety of achievements.

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Step two in choosing the right hockey trophy is position and value. Designs specific to forwards, defensemen, goaltenders or for a team are all available and often vary in price range. Narrowing down these specifics will allow you to focus on your direct needs.

Step 3

Step three in choosing the right hockey trophy is rank. While “trophies” are often awarded to the winning team or top performer(s), other awards and achievements reflecting second and third place finishes(or participation) are also(often) given out. In this regard, consideration of individual plaques and medals (gold, silver, bronze) can offer a cheaper alternative.

Step 4

Step four in choosing the right hockey trophy is price range. Depending on your budget, there will always be multiple levels of design and craftsmanship, therefore identifying how much can be allotted for each trophy will help quickly narrow down your selections.

Step 5

Step five in choosing the right hockey trophy is pricing. While narrowing down the specifics of the award you wish to purchase will help you determine exactly what you are after, comparing prices between local makers and online options will provide you with a sense of value for craftsmanship versus bulk/availability. (For more details on pricing, consult the special attention section below.)

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In following the first four steps of How To Choose Hockey Trophies, you should have no problem narrowing down the specifications of your demand, yet when it comes to pricing, it is extremely crucial that you examine an example of the work you are about to purchase. While comparing prices between local fabricators and online distributors may provide vast discrepancies in price, examining the quality of the product you are going to purchase is vital as many online distributors do not guarantee the quality of their products. In contrast, a local manufacturer will undoubtedly provide far more insight into the product you wish to purchase.

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During the early days of hockey history, there was no such thing as a trophy or an award for winning, simply bragging rights. That is, until 1892 when the Governor General of Canada, Lord Stanley of Preston, decided to donate a silver bowl to be awarded to the top Canadian Amateur hockey club at the end of each season. Originally awarded as the prize for winning the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup, the storied trophy soon became known as the Stanley Cup, and after the initial development of the National Hockey League (NHL), forever became known as the symbol of success for the sport of hockey.

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Although the ultimate prize in hockey is the Stanley Cup, the sport has sprouted various forms of personal and team awards. As the premiere league representing the sport of hockey, the NHL awards not only the Stanley Cup but trophies for the victor of the Eastern (Prince of Wales Trophy) and Western Conferences (Clarence S. Campbell Bowl), the top regular season team (Presidents Trophy) as well as personal awards for the following achievements; league's top goal scorer (Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy), top point producer (Art Ross Trophy), top defenseman (Norris Trophy), top goaltender (Vezina Trophy), most valuable player (Hart Memorial Trophy), outstanding sportsmanship (Lady Byng Memorial Trophy), outstanding rookie (Calder Memorial Trophy), perseverance and dedication (Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy), top defensive forward (Frank J. Selke Trophy), leadership (King Clancy Memorial Trophy) and top coach (Jack Adams Award). I first learned about and became inspired by these trophies and their meanings upon a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame as a young boy.

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