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Step one in choosing the right hockey gloves for you is fit. Nothing is more important than having proper fitting equipment as oversized or undersized gear will leave a player vulnerable and susceptible to injury. (For more information on sizing, see the Special Attention section at the bottom.)

Step 2

Step two in choosing the right hockey gloves for you is dependant on which position you play. Offensively minded players, both forwards and defensemen, tend to prefer shorter cuffs as they provide more flexibility, whereas defensive minded players prefer longer cuffs as they offer more protection.

Step 3

Step three in choosing the right hockey gloves for you is pursuant to Step two as you will want to choose specific options. These include; various padding shapes and finger divisions, palm protection(reinforced palms, grip texture, breathable mesh zones and shock-absorbers) and fits(tapered versus traditional). Choosing which glove is right for you should be modeled on how you play the game and what areas you feel need more or less protection.

Step 4

Step four in choosing the right hockey gloves for you is “feel”. Texture is a personal taste and players can now choose between Synthetics, such as synthetic leather, Nylon, Kevlar and Carbon Fiber or combinations of the various materials. “Feel” is a personal choice, yet the various materials will offer different benefits such as breathability, flexibility or added protection.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

When sizing hockey gloves, it is best to always follow these general guidelines; - 9-10", SIZE: Small - 11-13", SIZE: Medium - 14-15", SIZE: Large - 16-17", SIZE: Extra Large * In order to determine your correct size, measure the distance between the crease in your elbow and the end of your middle finger, this number should equal your glove size.

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Hand-me-downs are never a first choice when getting new equipment, but as a youngster you don't really care. That is, you don't know any better until you discover what pieces of equipment you definitely do not like. In my case, it was my third generation hockey gloves that I played with as a Bantam. They were huge, stiff and heavy, relics from a bygone generation of hockey and they kept me from playing the way I knew I could. This was bad, and after a couple of games I vowed never to wear the gloves, or any other piece of equipment that kept me from playing up to the best of my abilities, again.

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While growing up I liked to study the greats of the game of hockey, namely players like Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux. While enamored with their incredible ability to handle the puck, I wondered aloud how they were able to maneuver with such flexibility in ways that so many others could not. Fortuitously, my father provided me with a swift response by letting me in one of their trade secrets, "they wear shorter gloves." When I asked why, I soon learned that the shorter the cuff, the greater flexibility your wrist has, and when you're known for being a stick-handler, that can make all the difference in the world. This discovery led to a whole new perspective on how my hockey gloves play a role in how I play. I never looked at a pair of gloves again without considering whether or not they would make me to be a better player.

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