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Step one in ordering the right hockey training mat for you is determining its intended use. If you plan on practicing your skating, you will require a different type of training mat than if you wish to practice your shooting. Likewise, if you are a goaltender, you will have your own unique training mats to choose from.

Step 2

Step two in ordering the right hockey training mat for you is your desired size. If you are choosing for young players, it is best to buy an adjustable sized mat as adult size mats may be too large. Also, taking size and space into consideration, most Slide Boards or Shooting Pads are roll-up designs, helping to minimize storage needs.

Step 3

If you plan on buying a hockey training mat designed specifically to help with skating, it is best to buy a combination package (mat, sized between 2x8-10 feet) that comes with the “skating booties.” Although make and model do not not differ greatly between manufacturers, it is essential to make sure that the “Slide Board” has bumpers on the two far edges of the mat. If there are no bumpers, it is not a proper “Slide Board.” Also, while it is possible to purchase “Slide Boards” without the skating booties, you will need the booties to properly use the board. Use of the Slide Board is not recommended without the proper skating booties as there is an increased risk of injury.

Step 4

If you plan on buying a hockey training mat designed specifically to help with shooting, it is best to buy a large surface shooting pad, or one that allows for additional “pads” to be attached. The shooting pad is an area of “synthetic ice” which allows players to practice shooting and stickhandling a puck, much as they would on actual ice. Although normal shooting pads are relatively large (4x8 feet), if you're not buying a Slide Board along with your Shooting Pad, you will want to make sure you get one that is of a compatible size.

Step 5

If you are a goaltender and you plan on buying a hockey training mat, you are going to want to consider its overall size(area) as well as its slide, or glide, ability. Designed to reproduce the area of a goaltenders crease found on normal hockey playing surfaces, the goaltending training mat is also made of a “synthetic ice” that is geared specifically to allow the goaltender to practice his movements in front of the net while enjoying a remarkably similar feel to playing on actual ice. This pad is great for conditioning or breaking in new equipment.

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The sixth and final step in ordering the right hockey training mat for you is to research and compare prices between online and in-store options.

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While purchasing hockey training mats online may often lead to savings, it is key to test which product and specific mat surface you prefer. In order to do that, it's recommended that you check with your local supplier as they often have comparable prices but, more importantly, also offer the possibility of trying out the products before buying them.

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Originally designed in the early 1980's as an off-ice training tool for speed skaters, the Hockey Training Mat, or Slide Board, has developed into a multifaceted skating and hockey training tool.

When did you first do this & how did you get started?

After having broken my foot during the early part of the hockey season, and after I had my cast removed, being cleared to begin rehabilitation and resume training, my coach at time provided me with a slide board so that I could practice skating and get used to the physical exertion before returning to the ice. As the slide board is a dry-land training tool, I was free to use it whenever I wanted to and eventually found myself on it whenever I got the chance. Before I knew it, I was back on the ice (sooner than expected) and feeling stronger than ever. Although my foot had healed, I continued to use the slide board as part of my off-ice training routine and have enjoyed results such as increased speed, strength, agility and stamina. Having caught on to the benefits of the slide board, I soon moved onto the Hockey Shooting pad. The shooting pad, designed from a similar synthetic surface as the Slide Board, is used to practice shooting and mimics the feel of shooting off of ice. By using both the slide board and shooting pad simultaneously, providing a simulated on-ice environment, I can now practice my skating and shooting at the same time.

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