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Step one in earning a hockey scholarship is to start early. Regardless of the province or state you are in, each educational institution will have their own standards of acceptance regarding scholarships offered, therefore evaluating your local options and contacting those institutions for more information before necessary is the best step to take in getting started.

Step 2

Step two in earning a hockey scholarship is to maintain a grade average of 85%. Although some schools accept students on scholarship with average grades below 85% (likely above 80%), the premier institutions accept nothing lower than 85%. Achieving this standard is not always easy, which is why starting your evaluation process early is the key to success.

Step 3

Step three in earning a hockey scholarship is to be or become an above average to exceptional hockey player. As cautioned in Steps 1 and 2, starting early to improve and achieve the required grade average is very important, yet it is equally as important to become a standout hockey player if a school will consider you for a scholarship.

Step 4

Step four in earning a hockey scholarship is specialization. Standing out on the ice and in the classroom are two important elements that allow an individual to qualify for a scholarship, but having special skills or traits will be in standing out among the standouts. For example, exceptional skating skills are highly regarded, as is incorporating strong school (social) participation while maintaining high grades.

Step 5

Step five in earning a hockey scholarship is creating an achievement schedule and adhering to it. As starting young is inevitably a key to getting the jump on the competition, paying mind to develop hockey skills and good grades at a progressive rate is the checklist which to abide by. Achieving a scholarship, at whichever level, is not easily accomplished without hard work. The bottom line in following these guidelines to success is having the discipline to follow the guidelines you set out for yourself.

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Achievement Schedules are personalized programs that combine scheduling academic and athletic practice and training sessions. The bare minimum academic grade average for qualifying for a hockey scholarship, on average, is 85%.

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The road to the NHL wasn't always an academic pursuit, but in recent years trends have tilted towards drafting players with strong academic credentials. Going down the route of gaining an education while playing for a strong hockey program is no longer a contradiction but is an accepted and favored development process, equal to developing within the Junior Hockey ranks. High schools, prep and boarding schools as well as Universities now offer a range of academic and sport scholarships, all directly tied to hockey.

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Hockey scholarship programs were not readily available during my days as a hockey player, but became much more prominent once I reached University. Ironically enough, the reverse in trends towards drafting educated players has now returned the emphasis on scholarships and there are more available at every level today than ever before.

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