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Step 1

After you have become a Campus Man, you can take it to the next level and use your status as a Campus Man to begin generating national publicity for yourself. You can't afford a professional publicist, so you will need to act as your own publicist. And you do that by getting noticed by bloggers. Bloggers are the bomb.

Step 2

If you are involved in a field or hobby, contact bloggers in that field or hobby. If you are just an every day college student, get in touch with bloggers who highlight attractive guys. There is a list available below. Encourage these bloggers to mention you!

Step 3

For example, Rick is into Rugby, so he got mentioned on two college rugby blogs and got 42 new Fans out of it. A magazine contacted him later to do some training at a youth conference.

Step 4

Josh got mentioned on one blog. Then 5 other bloggers saw the post on the blog and also mentioned him. A couple blogs added his widget to their blogs. He got an offer to do some underwear modeling, but turned it down because the offer did not pay enough, but at least it was a start!

Step 5

Bloggers cannot tell their readers how awesome you are if the Blogger does not know about you. So, you need to contact bloggers on your own. Ask the bloggers to do a "post" about you. They just check out your page and write some things on their blog about you - and here is the best part - they suggest to their readers to go to your page and register as your Fan.

Step 6

Your Widget: Its even better if the blogger adds your "Campus Men widget" to their blog.

Step 7

How to Find Bloggers: First, find influential bloggers. We provide lists for some fields (above), but just locate bloggers in your field or hobby. Search to find individual bloggers who write about something related to you. Be specific as possible in your search. (For example, a blogger who writes about college rugby will be more receptive to helping you than a blogger who writes about sports in general.)

Step 8

Types of Bloggers: Bloggers who blog about stuff that happens at your college, Bloggers who blog about your hometown & Blogs that are mostly read by people in your city

Step 9

Influential Bloggers who write about your hobby or profession. Examples include... Male Model Blogs, Blogs that highlight Hot Guys, Men's Fashion Blogs, Weightlifting Blogs, MMA Blogs, Extreme Sports Blogs, Individual Amateur Sports Blogs, Independent Music Blogs, Gaming Blogs & Celebrity Blogs. Remember, you contact influential bloggers to encourage them to mention your page, so you can obtain new Fans from their readers.

Step 10

How to Contact Influential Bloggers: Go to the Blog and look for a way to contact the author. Look for a "Contact" link on the blog or click on the author's profile. Then send an email to influential bloggers to politely ask if he or she can mention you in (or add your widget to) his blog. Then send one email per blogger. Do not send a single message that is addressed to multiple bloggers.

Step 11

Here is what you can write, but it is better to write a message from scratch and personalize it for each blog. "Hi. I was lucky enough to be chosen from my school to be part of Campus Men. I am trying to build a Fanbase so I can get my career started. Is there any way you could mention me in your blog and encouarge your readers to become my "Fan" on My Page is here... [Paste the URL of your Profile Page Here.]"

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