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Step 1

When a new filmmaker wants to get started, he or she thinks of making his own movie. But, sometimes it is good to start out small. Seeking to make a feature length movie is like trying to build a nuclear bomb, when all you really need to get started is to make a firecracker.

Step 2

Many filmmakers make the mistake of biting off more than they can chew. They seek to make a 90-minute movie, spend months writing it, months filming a 10 years editing together all the footage. Editing is the one area where a filmmaker can waste a ton of time.

Step 3

What is the solution? Short films and Webisodes. Every Hollywood mogul is currently trying to earn revenue from online video. If you want to get noticed make a short film that is funny and gets 1 million views. If your first video does not hit it big, make another short video. Keep making sure videos until you find that one formula that works in your video gets spread around virally throughout the Internet. It is much easier to engage in trial and error with short three-minute videos that only take a day or two to create, rather than seeking to make your own movie.

Step 4

There is a huge learning curve when you seek to make your own movie. By starting out small in making short films and web his sons that only are three minutes in length, you enjoy the same amount of knowledge but are able to progress in your career, rather than getting bogged down with trying to finish a huge feature length movie.

Step 5

In more short videos you make, the more chances your video will get seen and you will build a name for yourself as a filmmaker. Your video can be seen by a corporation or add agency that will pay you to make sure videos or commercials for them or you can be seen by a Hollywood production house who may use you on the next production. Regardless of the opportunity that is generated, the more exposure and name recognition you build yourself, the better chance you have of getting discovered and eventually making your own movie.

Step 6

Make your own movie cheaply: Short videos are cheap to make. Because you only need actors for a day, more people are apt to appear in your short video because they do not need to take off time from work. More locations will be willing to allow you to shoot because you can be in and out other location and a day, rather than tying up their business for long periods of time. Short videos are the way to go if you want to make your own movie cheaply.

Step 7

You need talent (actors) to make your own movie: Becoming a filmmaker on offers you tools to locate college students to appear in your films. By having your own establish list of potential talent, you can call upon actors to appear in your short videos easily. You will not need to rely on casting directors to locate your talent for you. You act as your own casting director. Plus, the students who you meet through campus might give you insight on new creative projects you can make into videos. You save time by not needing to look for talent each time you are ready to shoot a new video.

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