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The first step in evaluating which hockey bag is right for you is contingent on age. As hockey is a sport that can played starting at a very young age, the size of the equipment is proportional to the size of the player, therefore taking into account age(and any future growth spurts) is a vital determination regarding what size bag is right for you.

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The second step in evaluating which hockey bag is right for you is determined by which position you play. Forwards and defensemen utilize less bulky equipment than goaltenders therefore bag size will immediately vary based on position as a “player” bag is always smaller than a “goalie” bag.

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The third step in evaluating which bag is right for you is body size. Body size plays a role in selection as taller, heavier players usually sport larger pieces of equipment when compared to smaller players.

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The fourth step in evaluating which bag is right for you boils down to personal choice and budget. Shape, size, color and functionality vary depending on which company produces the bag, with competitors offering slightly different versions depending on position. Options range from stand-up, rolling suitcase type equipment bags to the old-school, over-the-shoulder self-carriers.

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Although choosing the best hockey bag for you ultimately comes down to your size, position and budget, it's always recommended that players purchase equipment bags, regardless of position, with separate pouches for skates, uniforms and undergarments. The more ability to separate pieces of equipment in a bag, the better the bag and the longer your equipment will last.

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Saving money is always at the top of the list when it comes to purchasing hockey equipment and so choosing wisely when it comes to an equipment bag can go a long way in helping your wallet and the longevity of your equipment. Old hockey bags used to smother equipment, trapping bacteria and smells within that lead to rapid deterioration of various pieces of gear. New bags are designed to do the exact opposite and, as a result, choosing the right bag can make a world of difference in how long your equipment can last.

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I first learned how to choose the right hockey bag when I was just a young boy. As a reward for earning good grades, my father allowed me to choose a new set of equipment for the upcoming hockey season. Excited by the prospect of buying all sorts of new pieces of equipment, it was the store owner who gave me the best advice possible; choose your hockey bag wisely as it will make all the difference in how long your equipment will last. What I quickly came to understand was that, regardless of how well you take care of your equipment, picking a breathable bag that is the right size for your equipment is just as important as picking the right gloves or skates.

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