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How guys get girls can be difficult to pinpoint because there are so many different guys, and so many different ways to get girls. College students who Create a Profile on Campus Men find a "back door" in their effort to get girls, because they make themselves unique from every other guy on campus and generally impress girls with their Campus Man status. If you want to know how to get girls, consider the small steps in your overall effort to get their attention. Instead of searching for a quick and easy answer of how to get girls, and wanting results immediately, develop your overall, long-term image - how you are seen by girls. Here is how:

Step 2

How to Get Girls to Become Your "Fan": When a girl connects with you on - we call her your Fan. You want to try to get as many Fans as possible. It creates a viral effect. The more Fans you have the more other people will want to become a Fan. The more impressive your presence is on, the more girls will want to become a Fan. Always try to "look good" on Be conscience of your image. Not just your physical image and what you wear, but also your overall online reputation and image. Remember, girls are watching. If you look good, some good, or simply can bring a smile on a girl's face by saying something funny in a video that appears on, girls want to become a Fan easily.

Step 3

How to Get Girls to Give You Feedback: Discovering what girls think of you can be tough sometimes. Once you discover this knowledge, you are golden. gives you traditional ways to get feedback from girls a couple very smart, unique ways to discover what girls think.

Step 4

First, when you Create a Profile on Campus Men. This is a page or all your friends and keep you know can go to vote for you. You need a minimum number of votes in order to Create a Profile on Campus Men. Girls can leave what we call "roots" on your page to "root on" your effort.

Step 5

How to Get Girls to Be Involved: Being a Campus Man is all about getting girls to be involved in supporting you. This increases your Fan base. They can import their address book, and we send an invitation to all the girls she knows. Girls can also use your street team flier to spread word about you or your activities, or an event you are involved with - to let the entire campus know.

Step 6

How to Get Girls to Want to Support You: To get girls to support you, you want to do your best to stick out from other guys. You want to not just be some nobody in the crowd. This is where making a simple, short video comes in. Ask 4 friends what makes you unique from other guys. This is a great way to learn things about yourself that you would overlook. Next, you need to make a video. Keep it short and simple. Above all you need to look your best and not say stupid things.

Step 7

How to Get Girls to Respect You: Each student who wants to become a Campus Man must make a video. To get girls to respect you, you simply need to avoid being a tool in your video. The first step is to keep your video short. The longer the video is, the more you need to impress girls watching. End your video after that one cool statement or one impressive action or smile. Don't try to make a masterpiece.

Step 8

Next, make sure you pass any unique ideas off two-three buddies before you make your video. Tell them what you intend to film and get their feedback. Ask them what they think girls will like. Make sure you ask guys you trust, not ones who will give you bad advice because they want to see you make a fool of yourself.

Step 9

Finally, this next statement is overly used and understood little. Just be yourself. When you try to fake it or be someone you think you should be, you risk coming off as a phony. You may think the real you is not impressive, but the "real you" will likely get girls if you simply come off as the confident you. When you try to be a fake, it is more challenging to appear confident - because you are not "sure" of what you are doing.

Step 10

How to Get Girls to Tell Other Girls About You: We give girls tools they can use to tell their friends about you. Girls just need to understand why telling their friends helps you. This is where you need to convince them. Girls like to help guys who are trying to achieve something. Your effort to become a Campus Man can be an excuse to ask for "help" from girls. If you are seeking to become a Campus Man, ask every girl you know to vote for you on the site. Gives you tools to ask girls for support through e-mail, but don't forget the old fashion way of going up to a girl and asking her in person. Asking a girl to vote for you is a quick and easy line that most guys can seldom mess up.

Step 11

How to Get Girls to Take it Offline: Since a photo is needed to begin the process, you can ask a girl to help you shoot a photo. Now you have some alone time. Once you Create a Profile on Campus Men, use the tools that are provided to you as an excuse for face-to-face interaction. Create a Fan Challenge for any event or game practice or party he will attend. Challenge girls to capture the best Fan photo of the night.

Step 12

Girls love to take photos of cute guys. Give them a chance to do this. We call these "Fan Photos." a girl can take a snapshot of you while you are looking good, playing a game or doing anything else. She then posts the photo on your page. These photos are shown on your page into Fan photos section. Girls know what looks good in guys, so you are guaranteed to receive the best possible photo of yourself that you can.

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If you think you are a colossal-man-mountain of pure awesomeness (or want to start on the road toward being so) then you should seek to qualify to become a Campus Man.

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