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Step 1

Cheesy Pick-Up Lines: OK you're at the beach, you and your boys see some nice looking females, you remind yourself, we are down here to "get girls on Spring Break" so after the game plan is formulated on who gets with who remember one thing, Do not use old tired "Pick Up lines" that you saw in some movie about "Spring Break", if you want to get girls, you have to be smarter than that, just be yourself, be cool, and don't try to be someone you are not. These are College Girls - not Middle School Tenderonies, they will see through the old pick up lines and laugh at you in your face, and even worse, tell others about you!

Step 2

What to Say to Girls on the Beach: If you have a cooler full of refreshments, that will work wonders, walk up to them, introduce yourself and ask if you and your boys can join them. If they say yes, you are in the house! If they say no, then don't get mad, just tell them to have a nice day and keep your party rolling elsewhere.

Step 3

I know this approach seems simple but the old throwing the football into their group as one of your boys makes a diving catch is also something that they will see through.

Step 4

Another approach is as you walk by them, ask them where the best party is that night, or the best bar for them to visit, they will tell you something, then you can ask what their names are, where they are from and introduce your Wing Men as you sit down next to them. Remember you are here to get girls and they are there to meet you! Yes you will meet some girls who have boyfriends, but if they are not there with them applying oil on their backs, then they are in the game also!

Step 5

Once the conversation is started, ask them about them, you want to get girls and girls love to talk about themselves, which also is less you have to do, and they will still think you are the most interesting person.

Step 6

I work with girls daily and the one thing I know is, once they start talking about themselves you almost have to yank a chair out from under them to get them to shut up, but that is cool, you are on the beach and she is telling you all about her school, her major, why she chose that school, and maybe even her last boyfriend.

Step 7

Even if she mentions she has a boyfriend, it could be a test to see if you are really interested in her or maybe she does, but like I said, if he isn't there it couldn't be too serious and if she is talking to you for more than ten minutes, she can't be too happy with him, so keep the conversation going.

Step 8

Look at her while she is talking to you, don't stare at her boobs unless she asks you how they look.

Step 9

If they have a camera, offer to take their picture so they can all be in the picture, then make sure you and your boys get in a few shots or take some with your camera. Every girl wants to feel pretty. Don't ask her if she needs some oil on her back, if she wants it she will ask you.

Step 10

Do ask where they will be hanging that night and if you can join them at some point in time. Why do you ask her this? Because you are there to "get girls on Spring Break" and to do that, you must make a move at some point. If she blows you off, chill and see how your boys are doing, if they are ready to bail, then jump out of that flaming bird before it hits the ground! There is no shame in that, remember there are thousands more to choose from!

Step 11

If you do get some numbers, be cool, don't jump for joy like this is your first score, hang for a few, tell her you will let them get back to their tanning, and move on. You don't want to be a bother and spoil their girl time, unless someone is making out or getting naked, leave them wanting more, girls like a challenge not some Geek falling all over them, trust me I know, I've played both of those roles!

Step 12

Be sure to pack a video camera like the very cheap Flip Video or Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera. Spring Break is a great chance to shoot some videos of some hot chicks you meet. Be sure to make at least one photo of yourself on the beach - so you can Create a Profile on Campus Men.

Step 13

Becoming a Campus Man is perfect for students who want to bring a little of the Spring Break excitement back to their campus. Being a Campus Man also helps you continue the pursuit of hot chicks because Campus Men get a ton of attention from women. Also consider investing a little money in some advanced advice such as at a few items that will help you with your pitch such the great "Pick Up" Advice from Conquer Your Campus or a copy of The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.

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