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Step 1

I am going to start you off like a Freshman in Remedial Math so don't be offended if some of this sounds childish, but some of you out there have no clue and I must cover these basic topics or this will be like handing a loaded AK-47 to a five year old, someone is going to get hurt!

Step 2

First, if you are into looking good and taking care of yourself, you are the type of guy who would thrive as a Campus Man. Girls like guys who look good. Shooting a photo that is required to Create a Profile on Campus Men is an awesome chance to look your best. Wear your best shirt, perfect hair and be clean shaven. Make sure you look good enough - so that when girls see you on, they want to meet "that guy." OK now that you are a Campus Man what is next, you ask?

Step 3

Basics of Grooming for Men: For starters lets cover the most basic and yet the absolute most important topic when it comes to impressing girls, your appearance. I'm not talking about just how you look, I'm talking your overall grooming. Women love a well groomed man. You don't have to walk around in a tuxedo or a silk smoking jacket, but you do have to take care of the basics, such as washing your ass! I know some of you are laughing right now, but I am dead serious. After getting that recognition from being a Campus Man, you need to make a nice presentation and no hot babe wants to be next to someone who smells like a sewer. I know we are men and we sweat and get funky at times, but if you want to impress a girl, you need to smell nice, and I mean smell nice all over! You could meet some girl on your campus and things advance quicker than you expect, you're getting in her bed naked and if your sack smells like your dead Uncle's feet, then there goes that blowjob you were about to get.

Step 4

Grooming = Good Scent: You don't have to smell like a department store perfume counter, but you need to smell nice so do what I do, while in that shower give your body a once over with some nice body wash and you will be ready for anything. I personally use one of two products, my favorite is CK ONE by Calvin Klein since it has a nice fresh smell to it and not too perfumy. Take a shower with this stuff and you smell fresh all over all day long. If you want some babe licking your balls, then make them presentable! My other choice would be POLO Double Black by Ralph Lauren. I would use that more in the evenings since it has a stronger presence and comes in various fragrances from Deep Woods and Roasted Coffee to Mango. This stuff will keep your ass fresh for hours.

Step 5

Grooming = Underwear: OK you're a Campus Man who smells nice now, next step is to get the outer package ready. Lose the tighty whitie Fruit of the Loom underwear you grew up with and get some nice looking boxers or briefs. If some babe is pulling your pants down the last thing she wants to see are your busted old drawls with skid marks all down the backside, she will run out of there faster than a Black man running from the Klan. Go check out my man Calvin and pick up some of his Boxer Briefs Calvin Klein Body Stretch Boxer Briefs. No I don't work for the Calvin Klein Company, I just know they make nice stuff the ladies love so I stick with them.

Step 6

Where are we now? You've Accepted as a Campus Man and you are getting recognized all over campus, you smell nice, and have on nice clean presentable underwear! Another important item guys tend to forget that girls will notice if you do, your breath. You cannot approach a hot girl if your breath smells like hot garbage! After a nice brushing you need to gargle with some Cepacol Antibacterial Mouthwash and Gargle, Gold. That stuff is great, I use it all the time and it will give you fresh smelling breath no matter what you eat, and you know what I'm talking about! Trust me women love a guy who has fresh breath.

Step 7

OK we're almost done with the preparation process, remember preparation is half the battle, a well prepared Campus Man will get the women every time. Depending on what you plan on doing will determine what you should wear so I will leave that up to you, but I will tell you, make sure you wear something with a little bit of style. You don't have to go overboard and look like you're about to appear on Dancing with the Stars but something neat and clean will do, leave the wife-beater T-shirt Fruit of the Loom Men's A Shirt 3 Pack at home along with the John Deere cap. Women are into shoes so do wear a nice pair, they will check those out and you don't want to look like you've been walking across the Sahara Desert. My choice would be a nice pair of black Skechers Skechers Men's Pixel Padded Collar Oxford since they will look nice with just about anything to include jeans, casual, and dress pants, and they're comfortable.

Step 8

OK now you are a well prepared Campus Man and are ready to go. The fact that you are looking and smelling good, will get you a few looks, but since you have become a Campus Man, that recognition will take it to another level for you.

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