How To Meet Girls At Spring Break Parties

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The Second Option to getting girls on Spring Break is actually a little easier, that is because you will have a lot of help from a liquid that is known to work wonders on female inhibitions, Beer! Spring Break host cities will have plenty of bars and clubs that will have parties after the sun sets and there my friend anyone with a rap game slightly better than Forrest Gump will be able to meet someone.

Step 2

The Spring Break Parties will be completely off the chain so be prepared! The music will be loud, the alcohol plentiful, and most important, girls will be everywhere! These girls are here to have a good time, get drunk, and to meet someone. You are there to get girls so be a wallflower at home, on Spring Break you have to jump in the game like you have never done before.

Step 3

Remember step one, go to where the girls are, well you are there so let loose. The best way get girls here is easy, just walk up to them and either ask them to dance or ask if they want a drink, simple as that, don't even tell them your name until they ask you for it! If you are not a good dancer, do not worry, the floor will be so crowded and people will be so drunk, no one will notice.

Step 4

Be sure to pack a video camera like the very cheap Flip Video or Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera. Spring Break is a great chance to shoot some videos of some hot chicks you meet. Be sure to make at least one photo of yourself on the beach - so you can Create a Profile on Campus Men. Becoming a Campus Man is perfect for students who want to bring a little of the Spring Break excitement back to their campus. Being a Campus Man also helps you continue the pursuit of hot chicks because Campus Men get a ton of attention from women. Also consider investing a little money in some advanced advice such as at a few items that will help you with your pitch such the great "Pick Up" Advice from Conquer Your Campus or a copy of The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.

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