Best Places To Meet Girls On Spring Break

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Step 1

The most important and obvious first step to getting girls on Spring Break is to go where the girls are. During the daytime that will be easy, the beach!

Step 2

I know there are other activities offered for entertainment such has bungee jumping, watersports, shopping, etc. but you must remember, if you go to a bungee jump location, that is what you are there to do, jump off something high so you can scare yourself shitless. Yeah you may meet someone while waiting in line, but you don't need that kind of distraction, if you want to talk to girls in a line, go to Walmart.

Step 3

The beach will be loaded with all kinds of girls sporting their newly purchased bikinis (this is good because you will be able to see what kind of body she is rocking) working on getting tanned, and laying around just waiting to be picked up!

Step 4

You will see these girls in groups of three or more so you too must have at least one Wing Man, one guy walking up to a group of girls may be brave but will come off as a little creepy to some, or they will think you are selling something. So, unless you are a Rock Star, hang with your boys who will also keep her friends busy while you talk to the girl you want.

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