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Every February through March, the ritual known simply as "Spring Break" occurs for students all over the U.S., Canada, and other parts of the world as far away as China. Spring Break has evolved from what started as a week long break to allow students to catch up on their studies to an international party hosted in various countries that features plenty of drinking and even more fornication. The parties hosted at different locations all feature similar activities such as, drinking contests, wet T-shirt contests, sexy body contests, and even network TV shows, but the guys all go down to spring break for one reason and one reason only, To get girls on Spring Break!

Step 2

In some Spring Break locations there are up 350,000 students from colleges all over the country and the girl to guy ratios varies from place to place, but do not worry, if it is a Spring Break Party there will be plenty of girls there, and I am here to tell you the best ways to "get girls on Spring Break". Spring Break is also a perfect time for guys who wish to Create a Profile on Campus Men because they can shoot photos that are needed while on Spring Break.

Step 3

For starters it does not matter if you are celebrating Spring Break in Cancun, South Padre, Jamaica, or Panama City Beach, you will be able to get girls at any location if you are prepared and ready to go that extra mile.

Step 4

Of course there will be a ton of other guys there also trying to get girls but don't worry, at some of these spots, getting girls is like fishing from a barrel, these girls are down there also to have a good time and meeting someone to hook up with is on their agenda too.

Step 5

One Thing to Take: The Flip: Once the conversation is going good with girls and everyone is vibing with each other, this would be an excellent time to break out your Flip Video Camera. If you do not have one of these little cameras, trust me, it is an absolute must for Spring Break trips. I picked up one a year ago and have used it non stop during Spring Break and afterward to shoot girls I meet on Spring Break and on my campus (and video of me and my buddies drinking, too).

Step 6

Flip Cameras are small camcorders that are specially made for making internet ready videos. No special software is needed, everything is included in the camera itself, even a USB plug that you use to connect to your computer to download your footage.

Step 7

The girls really get a kick out of seeing themselves when I playback the video I just shoot on the camera's built in color screen so you too can do that while on the beach, shoot some video of the girls you are talking to and then let them see themselves, I guarantee you that they will ask you to shoot some more! There is nothing like getting video footage of hot girls doing things you wish you had a camera on hand to capture the action.

Step 8

That will lead into you getting their email addresses so you can send the video clips to girls and also you will have great footage to share with your boys back home. You can get the Flip into bars, too because it fits into your pocket. (You can't take a full size video camera because the bouncer won't let you bring it in.) But lets get back to the subject we are here to discuss, getting girls on Spring Break.

Step 9

Men's Grooming: Before you head to Spring Break, let's bring up a very important point: make sure you have yourself together, by that I mean, have on some nice boardshorts from this decade. If you aren't a paid Swimsuit Model, leave the Speedo at home. I know this is the beach but you can still make sure your hair is nice, you body is clean, no food in your teeth. Invest a few dollars to buy a Philips Norelco Bodygroom Shaver and any of the other men's grooming products recommended by the picky staff of

Step 10

If you really want to go that extra mile, before the trip get a manicure and pedicure. Girls love guys with nice feet. I should not have to talk hygiene but some people are clueless when it comes to this and trust me, girls like a nice looking and nice smelling guy! Girls notice.

Step 11

Have a Spring Break Plan: Before you make your Spring Break trip you may want to do some research about the area you will be staying in online so you can plan out your routine so no time is wasted on trying to see what your options are. Make a list of the clubs, bars, beaches, parties complete with addresses so when you hop in a taxi with a Driver who doesn't speak English, show him where you want to go.

Step 12

Be sure to pack a video camera like the very cheap Flip Video or Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera. Spring Break is a great chance to shoot some videos of some hot chicks you meet. Be sure to make at least one photo in which you appear on the beach - so you can Create a Profile on Campus Men. Becoming a Campus Man is perfect for students who want to bring a little of the Spring Break excitement back to their campus. Being a Campus Man also helps you continue the pursuit of hot chicks because Campus Men get a ton of attention from women. Also consider investing a little money in some advanced advice such as at a few items that will help you with your pitch such the great "Pick Up" Advice from Conquer Your Campus or a copy of The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.

Step 13

If you follow these simple steps you will have no problems getting girls on Spring Break and having an experience you will smile about for years! I remember my Spring Break in Mexico that took place many moons ago like it was yesterday!

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