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Step 1

All you have to do is choose which girl you want to get to know better and step up to her with the confidence of a man who knows what he wants. Guys who Create a Profile on Campus Men find it is an easy way to talk a girl because they can ask girls to "do you a favor" by voting for you.

Step 2

Talk About What Girls Want: My name is Jack Armstrong and I am the Travel Correspondent for Nsane Productions, an Internet Based Model Photography company that specializes in South American Women. I deal with women almost on a daily basis, I travel often, and have had relations with more girls in other countries than most of you have had in this one. I'm not telling you this to make myself sound like a Player, I am sharing this so you will know you are dealing with someone who knows what time it is and how to play the game.

Step 3

I am not the best looking guy in the room and do not have a body like a Fitness Trainer, but I am very successful with girls because I know how to impress them and how to make them feel special. There are no secrets or treasure maps involved, just some basic things you need to know that I know, that a girl wish you knew. Although many girls like different traits in men and have different tastes, all girls like and want the same basic thing: to feel special.

Step 4

I deal with exotic Models in this country and others and it sometimes makes me laugh that when we have some down time and I am talking to a girl. Girls all have the same complaints about the men in their life. All girls want the same things that American women want: Girls simply want a guy to treat them nice.

Step 5

I sometimes feel like Chester the Molestor because I know this and I give girls what they want. During the next morning I'm asking them if they want breakfast. OK, I do admit, my job helps their careers - so that is another asset I have helping me out. But there is nothing wrong with using all of your available assets to your benefit. I am not rich. So, I cannot shower girls with gifts, but I can give girls what money can't always buy, and I am here to teach you to do the same.

Step 6

How to Talk to Girls in a Bar: If you are in a bar or club setting, this is cool if the music isn't too loud. If you are in a dance club, then talk later Get her on the dance floor - since girls love to dance. When she is ready, talk to her later. If she is with her friends, dance with all of them, that way no one feels left out and better yet, you make yourself available to all of them, bettering you chances with one girl or more of girls. A lot of men get nervous because they feel the more beautiful the girl, the harder they need to work. This is not true.

Step 7

Excuse to Talk to Girls: Video Camera: If you are in a group situation and the drinks are flowing this would be a good time to break out your Flip Camcorder Flip Video Ultra Series Camcorder to get them on video, they will eat this up. I suggest this for a group situation and not a one on one, you don't want to come across as a Stalker.

Step 8

If you are in a group, they will be in a party mood and will be more than willing to jump in front of the camera. I use Flip Camcorders all the time when I'm travelling for business and pleasure and have all kinds of video footage from girls all over the world wanting to be a part of the fun. These cameras are also great for girls who want to strip off their clothes on film but that is another topic for after you learn how to talk to girls!

Step 9

If you are more into still photos, buy the Nikon Coolpix Nikon Coolpix S550 10MP Digital Camera. This cool little camera is nice and compact and takes excellent pictures that are suitable for the internet or print. Once you get the girls on film that is a great segue to get on the topic of getting their email addresses so you will be able to send them pictures and or video clips via email. This works especially well in party or vacation spots, but also does well at local bars where girls are gathered for whatever reason. You can even have the girls help you with your next Campus Men video, boosting your popularity as a Campus Man even more. It is much easier to meet and impress girls in a party situation.

Step 10

How to Talk to Girls One-on-One: If you are one on one, then you really need to be on your "A game." Make sure you get yourself Qualified as a Campus Man - so that you have an excuse to talk about something. Then once you find yourself in a conversation with a nice looking girl, don't be fake, women can see through that like Superman smells Kryptonite. There is no need to use any phony lines that played out in High School, just be the cool Campus Man you are, introduce yourself and find out who she is. Once you ask her a few questions about herself she will start talking to you like her life depended on it.

Step 11

Talk to Girls By Making Then Feel Special: You need to make her feel special so talk as much as you can about her. Ask her about her job, her family, her likes and dislikes, her hobbies, her past criminal record (that will get a guaranteed laugh out of her), her future goals, Unless she initiates it do not start talking about sex, let's not seem too eager. If she does bring sex up, keep it PG-13. There is no need to mention the Gang Bang you and your friends had last week.

Step 12

By asking her questions she does most of the talking but she will think you are so nice and easy to talk to. Once she starts asking questions about you that is when you know she is yours. She may not jump in your bed that first night, that is cool, but when she does you will be ready for her!

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