How To Meet Girls In Spring Break Bars

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Step 1

You may not want to spend your entire night at one club, be sure to check out a few of them and remember those numbers you got from earlier in the day. If you don't get with those girls then close the night out at the clubs so you can get girls there! All of the clubs and bars will be jam packed so walk in there you have stock in the place and go to work.

Step 2

Don't Spend Too Much Club Time With One Girl: Do not waste too much time on one girl if you don't feel that vibe, be polite and move on, have a good time, but remember you are there to "get girls on Spring Break" not be someone's Career Counselor or Therapist. This is Spring Break not a Poetry Reading. Even though you are at a club where women will be drinking heavily, same rules apply, no stupid Pick Up lines, be nice, look nice, smell nice, and even though you may not be able to have a deep conversation like you would at the beach, you can still have her tell you a few things about herself.

Step 3

You do not want to try an hook up too early, girls are there to have fun, so do that, have fun, but when the hours past by and the crowd starts to thin, you had best be making some moves, no one wants the last girl standing so to speak! Set realistic goals, you may not get the best looking girl in the club, but number three is better than thirty three.

Step 4

Be sure to pack a video camera like the very cheap Flip Video or Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera. Spring Break is a great chance to shoot some videos of some hot chicks you meet. Be sure to make at least one photo of yourself on the beach - so you can Create a Profile on Campus Men.

Step 5

Becoming a Campus Man is perfect for students who want to bring a little of the Spring Break excitement back to their campus. Being a Campus Man also helps you continue the pursuit of hot chicks because Campus Men get a ton of attention from women. Also consider investing a little money in some advanced advice such as at a few items that will help you with your pitch such the great "Pick Up" Advice from Conquer Your Campus or a copy of The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists.

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