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Diet is very significant. The only way anyone is going to be able to see your obliques is if you have your body fat to a percentage that is low enough to make them visible. Diet keys to this include managing total caloric intake and carbohydrate intakes, based on timing and amount. If your eating too much, or consuming more calories than you are burning-then chances are you wont be seeing your obliques anytime soon.

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Exercises that will help you build your obliques and core include (but are not limited too): windshield wipers, torso rotator machine, oblique side bends using a weight (Dumbell or plate), Russian twists (can add weight if strong enough)and decline weighted sit ups. I find most it effective when I superset ab exercises into a circuit of 2-4 exercises and completing 2-5 sets of each. My favorite circuit is Weighted decline sit ups for 8 reps-Windshield wipers for 15 reps each side-Oblique plate bends for 12 reps each side-weighted Russian twists for 25 reps each side. After completing one set of this circuit I'll rest about 90 seconds then start another set, completing it 3 times typically.

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Supplements, they will help you achieve your goals faster and may enhance results. My favorite supplements to help with the oblique and ab area are: L-Carnitine, this supplement will help your body use fatty acids as a source of energy, meaning helps burn fat stores. CLA: Conjugated Linoleic Acid, this supplement will help your body increase fat metabolism while maintaining lean mass. Thridly, a solid fat burning supplement, my favorite-Cellucor HD.

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Exercises- work your obliques 3-7 times a week. While keeping your total calories and carbs lower will be most important, consistently working your obliques will help obtain results quicker since they are mostly made up of fast twitch fibers that we use several times throughout the day. Take the supplements as directed on the container/bottle.

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One of my favorite exercises for obliques are "windshield wipers" and I was doing these in the gym one time on the pull-ups bars in the middle of the cable machines, and this other guy walked up to the side to use the cables for an exercise and somehow failed to notice what I was doing and I accidentally hit him in the face with my foot! moral of story- everyone should be watching out!

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I've been working out my abs every since I got into fitness, just like everyone else, I wanted to have the oh so glorified "6-pack." Truth is, working out your obliques is one of the keys to getting a shredded core. Exercises involving the obliques typically engage several other muscles within the core that will help you get those rock hard abs you want.

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