How to Wrap Your Knees For Squats

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Step 1

Research knee wraps on Amazon, and then select a size that is appropriate for your person. You want the knee wrap to cover your knee cap entirely, and about 2-3 inches above and below your knee. The knee wrap needs to be tight. Otherwise, it will not provide the support you need.

Step 2

Make sure the wrap is tight, but still allows you to squat with a full range of motion. If the wrap feels too tight when you are at the bottom of the rep, then loosen the wrap a little bit.

Step 3

If you have a knee wrap that is not a sleeve, then wrap it around your quad right above your knee, and your upper shin right below your knee. This kind of wrap will provide the same type of support to your knee. Once again make sure it is appropriately tight for the exercise you are performing.

Step 4

With a knee wrap you may have to mess around with tying a knot that will stay in place throughout an entire workout. The knee wrap sleeves are a newer product that provide the same type of support but are easier to use.

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There are two types of knee wraps you can consider: wrap and sleeve. The price range of most knee wraps is around $34.99.

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When squatting a heavy amount of weight, it can be stressful on your joints, especially your knees. Once I was able to squat more than double my weight I noticed that my knees would start to feel old/weak. So I looked into some knee wraps.

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