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Your training is very important in relation to your results, but what you put into your body is the most important part to achieve maximum results. You should tailor your nutrition and supplements around your training.

Step 2

All forms of crossfit are high intensity with heavy work loads and volume. This high intensity exercise makes your body work extra hard, especially if you do not provide the right type and amount of nutrients, at the right time. Depending on your goals, this will make a difference as to what and how much you should be consuming.

Step 3

Crossfit can be an effective way to build muscle mass or to shed fat, and possibly both. It will depend on if you want to gain or lose weight. Its simple, if you want to gain weight you will need to consume more, if you want to lose weight you will want to consume a little less. Whichever is your goal, you will still want to consume these types of foods and supplements at the same time, just in different amounts.

Step 4

During a crossfit workout you will be expending lots of calories to be used as energy, therefore you need to fuel yourself properly with the right foods and supplements at the right time. Before your workout, you should consume some form of slow digesting carbohydrates, this will be stored in your muscles and liver as a direct source of energy for the body. These carbohydrates can be obtained from foods or supplements. Some good carbohydrates to consume before would be oatmeal, granola, things like that, that will digest slowly and help fuel your body throughout your workout. You can also have fruits or other simple carbohydrates but your energy may not last as long because of the high increase in blood glucose. A good supplement form would be Karbolyn. You should shoot for 30-60 grams of carbohydrates, consume more if you wish to gain weight, and visa versa. These carbohydrates will provide energy for your body which can also prevent muscle tissue breakdown since the body has carbohydrate storage available.

Step 5

You will also want to consume some slow digesting protein before your workout. Some good food forms would be egg whites, chicken breast, or steak. Some supplement forms would be whey or casein protein, or even a blend of both, such as Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard Whey. You should be shooting for 20-40 grams of protein before your workout. This protein will prevent muscle tissue breakdown and may even increase strength and energy.

Step 6

During your workout, you shouldn't have to consume any carbohydrates or protein because you consumed them prior to starting your workout. A good supplement to consume during your workouts is some Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's). These are derivatives of protein, meaning this is what protein gets broken down to inside the body. These BCAA's will help prevent muscle tissue breakdown, and may provide some strength and energy. Dymatize's Elite Recoup is a great BCAA product.

Step 7

Following your workout you will want to consume both protein and carbohydrates, but in a faster digesting form. These nutrients will help replenish carbohydrate stores and muscle tissue to aid the recovery process. Some good fast digesting carbohydrates are any fruit, or something sugary, that will digest in the body quickly to raise blood glucose to replenish the carbohydrate storage. A good supplement would be Karbolyn by EFX. You should be shooting for another 30-60 grams of carbohydrates.

Step 8

Some good fast digesting protein sources mainly come from supplements, such as whey protein. Once again Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard Whey is a great product.

Step 9

Notice I never mention anything about fat. Thats because its not necessary to consume pre,during or post workout. Fat stores can only be used for energy at low intensities, where as crossfit is extremely high intensity.

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