How to Use a Weight Training Vest

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Step 1

Start researching online and in store for a weighted vest to help with your training. Choose one that fits snug and preferably one that can add or subtract weight. Weight training vests come in small, medium and large sizes. There's also a one-size fits all model that is cheaper and probably for women. Prices range from $19.99 to more than $200.

Step 2

Some great exercises to perform with a weighted vest are box jumps, sprints, pull-ups and lunges. Get into a gym and fasten the training vest to your person, so that the vest is snug but still allows you to be mobile with full range of motion.

Step 3

Select the amount of weight you want to vest to carry and choose an exercise/workout to perform with the vest on. Add weight to make the exercise harder and reduce the weight of the vest when to decrease the additional resistance.

Step 4

Perform your exercise for the amount of sets with your vest on, you can also perform drop sets or additional sets with your vest off.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Just like any other forms of exercise, make sure you can handle the additional weight of the vest while performing your exercise, no need to sacrifice your form on any exercise.

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ATI Weight Vest $159.95

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Weighted Vests can add great degree of difficulty to your workout to increase y our strength and power. I have used these several times since I got serious about the gym, and they definitely provide a serious benefit.

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