How to Use Barbell Collars

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Step 1

Most gyms will have barbell collars, it is a smart choice to provide them to increase safety and decrease the risk of accidents. Without collars, it is asking for a problem, and is a liability.

Step 2

Add your desired weight to the barbell and before you begin your exercise apply the collars.

Step 3

Begin by having a collar in hand, and slide the collar onto the barbell. Slide the collar all the way to the weight plates. This will make the weight stay stationary and will reduce noise of the weights hitting each other.

Step 4

Some collars have a clip or clamp, if so fasten the clip/clamp before performing the exercise.

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My friend just finished a few sets of squats and he did not use collars. He was stripping the weight off the barbell, he had three 45 lb plates on each side, and took all three plates from the left side off first. The barbell started to lean then all the weight on the other side slid off as the barbell smashed into a wall and the plates hit the floor, making a large amount of noise and attracting everyone's attention in the gym.

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Collars are a must, especially if you have poor form. Always use them, on every set of all exercises using a barbell.

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