How to Clean Weightlifting Gloves

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Step 1

First, check to see if your gloves can be washed in a washing machine. If the answer is yes, then use the washing machine. Make sure to use warm water with normal laundry detergent (no chlorine bleach). After washing, do not put them in the dryer.

Step 2

After you've washed them, grab two towels, and put each glove in between the two towels and gently press them together to absorb the water. After getting as much water out with the towels, let them air dry until they are completely dry.

Step 3

If the gloves are made out of a nicer leather or some other material that doesn't suggest using a washing machine, then hand wash them. Use cold water and a mild liquid soap, rinse thoroughly after washing. Do not wring the gloves out, use the towel technique I explained above to dry them.

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No chlorine bleach products when washing them. Read the packaging that the gloves came in to see if you should be hand washing them or using a washing machine.

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We all know weightlifting gloves can and most likely will, smell after a few workouts. Cleaning them is important to eliminate bacteria, and remove the horrible odor that sets in.

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