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To build the outer biceps you need to stimulate muscle contractions specifically on the outer portion of your biceps. The bicep muscle is made up of two parts, the short head and the long head. You should work both equally as hard in order to achieve maximum results. The short head portion of your bicep is the portion that is flexed when your flexing your arm, while the long head is the lower portion, that is initially contracted at the lower portion of your curls/bicep exercises. To get results we need to work both the short head and the long head, while focusing on grip angles of the exercises to direct muscle contraction on the outer portion of your bicep. Here are my favorite exercises to work the outer biceps.

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Weighted pull-ups work wonders for size and strength. Although it is mainly a back exercise, the upper portion of the pull-up requires a full bicep contraction, mainly working the outside of the bicep. If you cannot do 10 perfect unweighted pull-ups, then stick to body weight pull-ups. Once you can do a few sets of 10 free weight, then start to do weighted reps. Four to five sets of 8-12 reps should yield significant strength and size to your arms.

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Using the preacher curl and a flat bar (or an "swiveled curl bar"), perform three to four sets of 8-12 reps using a wide grip, or outer grip. This wide/outer grip will direct most of the weight on your outer bicep, rather than the inner. Keep your elbows stationary on the pad, keep your back in good posture, keep your shoulders back-no swinging, and perform reps slowly on the way down, getting a full range of motion. If you do not do a full range of motion on the curls you are cutting yourself short. The long head of the bicep is mainly contracted at the lower portion of the rep, therefore you need to go all the way down-fully extending your arm, then all the way back up until the barbell is in front of your shoulders.

Step 4

Incline alternating dumbbell curls are great for bicep size, including the outer portion. Hang both arms fully extended at your side holding the dumbbells, curl one arm at a time, in an arcing motion up to your shoulder while keeping your elbow stationary, right before your hand is up to your shoulder-turn your wrist in pushing the dumbbell up to your shoulder but on the outside of your shoulder. Do the same for the other arm and repeat each arm 8-12 reps per set, for three to four sets. This extra turn of the wrist will isolate the outer portion of the bicep.

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These are a few of my favorite outer bicep exercises that yield solid results, sometimes even in a short amount of time. Three exercises per workout of three to five sets, of eight to twelve reps should be plenty to stimulate muscle growth of the outer biceps. One to two times a week should give you solid results.

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Really focus on contracting the outer portion of your biceps, sometimes mentally focusing on that muscle while lifting can really help the muscle contraction. Complete full range of motion on every rep, of every set, of every exercise. If you don't your cutting yourself short. Full range of motion will stimulate muscle contraction throughout the whole bicep, where as half reps will only stimulate portions of your bicep.

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Started doing weighted pull-ups a year ago, and noticed almost instant growth on my biceps, especially the outer portion of my arm. Took about 2 weeks to start seeing size improvements with these exercises.

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