How to Perform Rest Pause Sets

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Step 1

Select them exercise you wish to perform, and complete an entire set. Once your set is complete-do not rack the weight, continue baring the weight.

Step 2

Hold the weight at the top of the rep range for 5-10 seconds, then continue the set for additional reps, at least 4-10 more reps. Then rack the weights.

Step 3

An alternative method of "rest pause" is a little different. Lets take the push-up for example. A rest pause could be: perform the down portion of the rep, then hold the push up position at the bottom of the rep, then push back up to beginning position, and repeat for desired amount of sets and reps.

Step 4

Both types of rest pause are more effective than normal sets.

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I've been performing rest pause sets for years, and they help a great deal. They recruit more than one muscle fiber which in turn can trigger additional muscle growth and strength.

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