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When you look at a well-developed, fully muscled arm, you notice the bulge of the biceps, the pop of the deltoids, and often miss the key muscle responsible for most of the sheer size of the arm: the tricep. Not only does it make up the majority of the size on a huge arm, but it is a surprisingly powerful pushing muscle that can GREATLY assist you in power-based pressing exercises: bench press, shoulder press, etc.

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Once you have a huge, powerful set of well-developed triceps, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

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The benefits of looking as fantastic can be yours, along with all the perks of receiving Fans that you receive from Creating a Profile on Campus Men. Before you know it, you can be that guy too. You can be that buff guy that all the women love to talk to, and all the other guys want to become. You're ready to remake your social life into something better. The only thing in your way is you.

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Even people that are naturally talented didn't get to where they are now without help. Everyone starts small. The first thing to do is to get knowledge. It makes sense to think that a plan that worked well for somebody else might work for you too, so for that, you should turn to the expert advice that we recommend below.

Step 5

Books Recommends to How to Get Bigger Triceps Animal Arms: Ultimate Size & Shape Training for Building Monstrous Arm Muscles $11.01 This book has a great section on brachialis training that anyone who wants to build arms will find useful. Instead of having your advice watered-down by a program that tries ton appeal to every body part, Animal Arms focuses only on building the triceps and biceps. As the name suggests, Animal arms is all about becoming an animal - aggressive in your arm routine.

Step 6

We recommend the triceps chapters of Stronger Arms & Upper Body $14.78. This book includes specific instructions for mastering technique and advanced exercise variations to help lifters push past plateaus. The book's first part explains how to design your own training program. The book does not include unnecessary information that won't help you build your triceps. Most notable about this book is that it includes detailed anatomical illustrations which can be very useful to beginners who need to know the names of muscle groups. Many books have photos, which make it hard to see exact the part of the muscle that needs to be worked. At 264 pages and costing $14.21, this book is a good deal for anyone wanting bigger triceps.

Step 7

Recommended DVDs For How to Get Bigger Triceps For those non-readers who prefer a DVD to a book, we recommend these DVDs... ICON MEN: Greg Plitt Biceps Triceps & Abs Fitness $14.98 Greg Plitt is an iconic figure in the world of professional bodybuilding, and he's here to show you all his own personal tips and tricks. Everything is does is broken down step by step, because he believes that good form is one of the most important parts of a disciplined workout routine.

Step 8

Body Balancing Volume 3: Bis, Tris, & Forearms $19.95 When you ask just about any guy that's starting out with lifting weights what he's after, they usually reply with "bigger arms." This DVD will explain just how many muscles are involved in making your arm work, and how to put the burn on each and every one of them. Stronger forearms will improve your grip, and stronger Bi's and Tri's will help you on days you want to work your chest and back.

Step 9

How to Get Bigger Triceps Exercise Techniques Beginners Should Know Partial Reps: Your triceps will thank you for making sure that both the inner and outer heads of your muscle receive the proper attention through partial reps. Make sure that you aren't reckless with the weight, instead going through each of the proper ranges of motion with the correct posture and movements, effectively hitting every last bit of your triceps muscles. Split the range of motion into stages, and make sure that the beginning stage and the ending stage are both executed properly to get the best workout possible!

Step 10

Superset: Triceps and biceps workouts should always, always, ALWAYS be performed together, at least to some degree! Keep the blood flowing to your arm muscles by alternating sets of bicep and tricep workouts, and your arm pumps will never be the same!

Step 11

Exercise Intensity: When using heavier weight, it is important to put the proper power behind your repetitions. Press up in an explosive fashion, keeping the weight under control but definitely showing it who's boss! Once your body becomes comfortable with heavier weight and you are able to move it with force, your muscles will grow so quickly, you'll be shocked!

Step 12

Dumbbells You Can Buy If You Want to How to Get Bigger Triceps Some guys are intimidated by the big huge bodybuilders at a gym and prefer to invest in equipment - so they can work out at home. If this is the case for you, we recommend you choose the: Bowflex SelectTech 552 (5 to 52 pound) Dumbbells $349.00 - Combining 15 weights into one space-saving set of dumbbells, the Bowflex SelecTech weight set allows the user to select any amount of weight- from 5 to 52 lbs, and focus on any number of muscle groups along the entire body! The unused weight remains stored in the dumbbell stands, and can be easily adjusted with a dial-style selector.

Step 13

4 Items You Must Buy When Seeking How to Get Bigger Triceps Finally, you'll need some basic supplies for the gym. Buy these Weightlifting Supplies: Harbinger 28800 Leather Weight Dip Belt $34.99 - This thick, reinforced weight belt will help you take your dip workout to the next level! Dips are one of the most important exercises in building triceps mass, and with this item, you will be able to add more weight to your workout, shocking your triceps into lifting as more weight than ever! Reinforced leather construction promises long-term durability, and the belt comes with a 30-inch steel chain that will hold the added weight in place as you perform your sets!

Step 14

Resistance Bands Exercise Training Set $39.99 - If you're growing tired of all the iron, looking to mix up your routine, or just looking for a fresh way to get an outrageous workout, then try the Resistance Bands Training Set! The bands in this set provide varying degrees of resistance, making it a great choice, regardless of age or experience. Included are 4 bands, a door attachment, and clips that allow you to attach all 4 bands for up to 50 lbs. of resistance- capable of helping you execute over 100 different workouts for the entire body!

Step 15

Harbinger Pro FlexClosure Wash & Dry Gloves - $14.99 - Chest workouts can get intense, so don't let the rough knurling on a weight bar or a dumbbell wear your hands down over time. The stitching in many gloves can loosen from use, something that the 'ventilator mesh' construction avoids by allowing the gloves to stretch repeatedly over time. Reinforced leather padding located in the palms helps to avoid slippage, as well.

Step 16

Men's Health Training Log $10.17 - Keep track of your every last move, set, and weight amount with this training log, featuring smear-proof paper that holds up to those pesky drips of sweat. More than just a data sheet, this log contains workout suggestions and training routine samples to help you make your workout more effective than ever before! The books or DVDs we recommend (above) will explain what these supplies are for and how to use them.

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