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Biceps. Everybody knows them, everybody wants big ones. We don't go shirtless everywhere, so biceps (along with triceps) are the muscle that is often exposed to the public. Biceps are your most public muscle! The more you stretch the sleeve fabric, the more short-sleeve shirts will become your best friend as you increase the size of your arms!

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Experienced weightlifters know: once you get into a rhythm, your biceps respond better to training than any other muscle in your body. Make sure you do things right the first time and get the most out of your workouts from day one!.

Step 3

One opportunity to consider if you enjoy being admired. Register to become a "Campus Man" on - its a great opportunity for a young guy who is transforming his body. Becoming a Campus Man is a perfect way to get affirmation and support from followers. During thier effort, most beginner weightlifters being to gather a set of friends and admirers who track their progress and admire their gains. They see you getting a more muscular and comment that they notice the transformation. As a Campus Man, your admirers are called your "Fans." Fans follow your progress. They can provide motivation for you to keep going when you hit a dry spell or need that extra boost to keep hitting the gym in your effort to get more muscular.

Step 4

And if you later enter a bodybuilding contest, having organized a list of all your supporters in one place makes it easy to encourage those Fans to be an audience member in any contest you enter. So, once you start getting more muscular, take it to the next level by becoming a "Campus Man." Here are our recommendations for guys who want to get more big biceps:

Step 5

Book to Read to Get Big Biceps Essential Arms: An Intense 6-Week Program $10.17 - Best-Selling fitness Author Kurt Brungardt reveals surprising ways to blast your arms and stimulate growth like never before. In this book, you will learn that tired arms don't always mean that you gave them an effective workout, as well as the correct way to focus your technique and really get the job done! Brungardt presents a six-week program designed to take you to the next level, regardless of experience!

Step 6

DVDs You Can Use to Build Big Biceps For those non-readers who prefer a DVD to a book, we recommend these DVDs... Body Balancing Volume 3: Bis, Tris, & Forearms $19.95 - Spending those countless hours in the gym and sculpting an excellent physique for yourself is about more than looking good, it's about taking your entire lifestyle to another level! With that principle in mind, this DVD's exclusive "Ramp System" and "Fueling Plan" promises to open your eyes and take your training to the next level, ensuring that you get the most out of life!

Step 7

ICON MEN: Greg Plitt Biceps Triceps & Abs Fitness $14.98 - Greg Plitt, a two-time All-American Wrestler and former U.S. Army Ranger, brings you a DVD that will help you boost your workout with all of the hard work and dedication that members of the U.S. Army are known for. Plitt personally takes you through his unique routines, pointing out the effect on each and every muscle group as he goes along!

Step 8

Techniques These DVDs and Book Teach You About Building Biceps It is not all about the workout plan. One of these recommended books or DVDs will teach you techniques on how to effectively build muscle by combining the techniques below WITH your workout plan - to build muscle and avoid wasting your time:

Step 9

Different Grips: Anyone who lifts weights will tell you that once you hit a plateau with your training, it can be nearly impossible to break through and move past it. One sure-fire way to challenge your muscles in new ways is to alternate your grip. When you grip weight using a different hand position, different muscle groups are recruited, shocking your muscles into responding in different ways- especially effective when doing curls and reverse curls!

Step 10

Partial Reps: Some of your muscles have a wide range of motion- as a result, they are very picky as to how they respond to weight stimulus. Read up on how to do partial reps, a technique that is especially helpful in developing the biceps- the upper, middle, and lower portions of your muscle will receive an equally intense workout!

Step 11

Exercise Intensity: "Up fast, down slow" this is the mantra of any weightlifter serious about packing a few inches into his or her arms. When you increase the workout intensity, your muscles become more comfortable with lifting the weight, meaning that you will see better results, faster than ever before! Don't just move the weight up and down- own it!

Step 12

Home Equipment You Can Buy to Get Bigger Biceps Some guys are intimidated by the big huge bodybuilders at a gym and prefer to invest in equipment - so they can work out at home. If this is the case for you, we recommend you choose the: PowerBlock Elite 90 Adjustable Dumbbell Set by Power Block $687.00 - This dumbbell system is a compact, effective compliment to any home gym that gives you the benefit of 28 sets of dumbbells contained in one neat, tidy stand. A weight selector dial is used to select the amount of weight you want to lift, while the unused weight remains resting in the stand. As little as 5lbs and as many as 90 lbs can be used, which means you can select the perfect amount of weight for any number of workouts!

Step 13

Bowflex SelectTech 552 (5 to 52 pound) Dumbbells $349.00 - Combining 15 weights into one space-saving set of dumbbells, the Bowflex SelecTech weight set allows the user to select any amount of weight- from 5 to 52 lbs, and focus on any number of muscle groups along the entire body! The unused weight remains stored in the dumbbell stands, and can be easily adjusted with a dial-style selector.

Step 14

Supplies You Will Need to Get Big Biceps Finally, you'll need some basic supplies for the gym. These are supplies most weightlifters discover they need over time. Buying these suplies from Amazon is always cheaper than purchasing at your local gym - which likely charges 10-20% more than you can obtain on Amazon. So, save time and money, buy these Weightlifting Supplies:

Step 15

Arm Curl Blaster $99.00 - A favorite of Arnold Schwarzenegger's, this device enables you to really focus on blasting your biceps during heavy, standing preacher curls. A neck support leads down to a sturdy, comfortable neoprene-coated aluminum body, designed to keep your arms from swinging during standing curls. The isolation and focus given to your biceps with this device is unmatched- one workout is all it will take to get you hooked!

Step 16

Body Solid BB23 Bicep Bomber $33.00 - This is a more economical option to the Arm Curl Blaster. The nylon construction effectively keeps your back and arms locked in the appropriate position, ensuring that your biceps do every bit of work that they're supposed to and you enjoy an arm workout like never before!

Step 17

Harbinger Pro FlexClosure Wash & Dry Gloves - $14.99 - Chest workouts can get intense, so don't let the rough knurling on a weight bar or a dumbbell wear your hands down over time. The stitching in many gloves can loosen from use, something that the "ventilator mesh" construction avoids by allowing the gloves to stretch repeatedly over time. Reinforced leather padding located in the palms helps to avoid slippage, as well. Questions? Our recommended books or DVDs will explain what this equipment is for and how to use them.

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Once you develop enough muscle to impress girls, its time to start getting attention for your hard work by getting qualified to become a Campus Man. You can show off your new physique by uploading a photo that shows some muscle, or make videos to share your newfound knowledge to others. And most importantly, start building a fanbase of girls who admire your musculature. Girls see you on and click to "Become your Fan." Remember, building muscularity is worthless if nobody gets to sees what you have built!

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