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Your legs hold the potential to be the most powerful muscles in your body. Think about it: on a day-to-day basis, they get the most regular use out of any of your body's muscle groups. The benefits of having big leg muscles lie in the potential to lift more weight than you ever could have imagined. There are other benefits, such as looking good in shorts and greater stability when doing other exercises that require standing - such as the standing military press.

Step 2

Don't get obsessed with Bulking Up your arms and chest and neglect the legs - your body's most powerful muscle group along the way! Work to get bigger legs, and feel the benefits in the power of the rest of your workouts!

Step 3

There's a plethora of advice and guidance out there, and it's up to each and every one of you to find what's best for you, and follow it through to success. Once you've made some progress on getting bigger legs, it only makes sense to want to make people take notice of your gains! That's where becoming a Campus Man can help you out. Gain recognition as the sculpted, living statue that you will have become! It's really not as hard as you might imagine. As a Campus Man, you receive feedback from the Fans you gather and they enjoy being a part of your transformation!

Step 4

Book: Power Factor Specialization: Abs and Legs $20.53 - A lot of experts will tell you that a strong core, and powerful legs are the gateway to successful bodybuilding results, since so many of your other exercises will recruit these muscles in order to be carried out. Plus, who doesn't want to walk around with a 6-pack? That's the main topic of this scientifically-minded Abdominal and Legs routine. Each included exercise follows a rating system based on how effective it is, ensuring that you won't have to waste any more of your precious time doing pointless reps.

Step 5

DVD: Muscle & Fitness Training System - Back & Legs. Although a little difficult to find and filmed in 2003, don't let the fact that this DVD is years old turn you off to the great advice that is concentrated on legs. Instead of a program that tries to be all things to all people, here you get a DVD specifically targeting legs and back. This DVD includes mass-gaining and muscle-defining programs to build strong legs. The DVD tells you how to grow your legs - so even the pros will envy your quads! Most notable, the DVD includes multiple camera angles. The producers did not just set up one camera and film each exercise. This allows you to see more detail and better understand how the exercise is performed: areas where people tend to cheat during an exercise.

Step 6

Exercise Techniques to Know About Getting Bigger Legs Double Workout Routine: This technique combines partial reps with the regular exercise to really blast your muscles and stimulate them in ways you didn't think were possible! One of the most popular uses of double workouts is in doing the 'double squat' exercise: do a partial rep, stopping about halfway down, and immediately follow it by a full rep. You will feel greater muscular endurance benefits, as well as a better overall workout!

Step 7

Superset: Any other exercise can be super-setted in with your leg workout. You are best served choosing a smaller muscle group such as biceps, triceps, or abs to superset in with your leg workout, because they are less likely to tire you out between sets. Many professional weightlifters utilize supersetting in order to make the most out of their time in the gym, without wasting a second!

Step 8

Benches You Can Buy If You Want to Get Bigger Legs Some guys are intimidated by the big huge bodybuilders at a gym and prefer to invest in equipment - so they can work out at home. If this is the case for you, we recommend you choose the:

Step 9

Bowflex Revolution FT Home Gym $1499.99 - The next time you think about making the drive to the gym, instead, consider the benefits of having an all-in-one fitness center at your home! This world-famous, all-in-one home fitness center provides over 90 different workouts in 400 variations, covering all the major muscle groups in your body! Out of the box, resistance can be set at as little as 10 lbs or as much as 200 lbs (but is upgradable), and can support a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Step 10

3 Items You Must Buy When Seeking Get Bigger Legs Finally, you'll need some basic supplies for the gym. Buy these Weightlifting Supplies: Harbinger 373800 Neoprene Padded Ankle Cuff $8.99 - This 'one size fits all' ankle cuff is especially effective in helping you tone your leg and core muscles. A small metal clip is attached to the brace, allowing you to attach resistance bands or even small weights to your ankle area. It may not help you reach a new max squat weight, but is very helpful in burning out your leg muscles at the end of a workout and helping to maintain overall stability when exercising.

Step 11

Body Glove 90131 Open Patella Breathable Neoprene Knee Support with Foam Pad $20.74 - Whether you have faulty knees or just want to take the proper preventative measures, this knee support can help you keep things stable and in check during your workout. The "open patella" construction means that the brace fits around your knee, with the kneecap exposed- allowing for superior protection without restraining mobility. This brace is excellent for anyone who regularly participates in powerlifting exercises such as squats of deadlifts.

Step 12

Valeo VRL 6-Inch Padded Leather Belt $15.50 - This leather lifting belt is a must-have item for all power lifting related workouts, both in providing added stability as well as an extra bit of safety. You don't want to attempt exercises like a dead lift or any sort of squats without the proper protection- back injuries are almost ALWAYS permanent. Every serious weightlifter needs one of these. End of story.

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Once you develop legs big enough to impress girls, its time to start getting attention for your hard work by getting qualified to become a Campus Man. You can show off your new physique by uploading a photo that shows some muscle, or make videos to share your newfound knowledge to others. And most importantly, start building a fanbase of girls who admire your musculature. Girls see you on and click to "Become your Fan." Remember, building muscularity is worthless if nobody gets to sees what you have built!

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