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Obtaining a personal training certification not only ensures that you will stay in incredible shape at all times, but that you will be living the dream of doing something you love as a career. We have compiled the best books and DVD's for preparing for a fitness certification. We do not recommend a "best personal fitness certification program" - because we think you should choose the certification program that offers a test closest to your city and get on the road to becoming a personal trainer as soon as possible.

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Finally, if you are seriously consiering getting your personal training certification, consider the importance of promotion to get new clients. Gathering "Fans" by getting qualified to become a Campus Man helps recieve a fanbase of potential personal training clients.

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Personal Training Certification Books Recommends Becoming a Personal Trainer for Dummies - $13.59 - This entry into the popular "for dummies" series of self help books instructs the reader on how to become a trainer- giving you a glimpse into the life of these professionals responsible for turning many, many lives around. Learn the value of Trainer Certifications, what to look for in credentials and experience, and how to avoid spending way more money than you have to!

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Certified Fitness Trainer Career Starter $14.93 - This book goes over many of the specific techniques and questions used when applying to become a certified trainer. An excellent way to prepare yourself for any personal trainer certification test, this book not only contains sample questions and situations, but also gives you helpful advice on financing your education, creating a business plan, and even tips for finding a job as a trainer!

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The Everything Guide to Becoming a Personal Trainer $10.17 - This book goes through many of the tests and requirements that personal trainers have to meet before the become certified: a great resource whether you're thinking of becoming one yourself, or whether you're just brushing up on things to look for when selecting one. Get a leg up with this insider's perspective on the industry!

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Recommended DVD For Preparing for a Personal Training Certification Test For those non-readers who prefer a DVD to a book, we recommend this DVD... Exercise Technique Manual for Resistance Training: Step-by-step Checklists for 57 Exercises (Book & DVD) $53.01 - Written by the National Strength and Conditioning Association of America, this exercise manual is a must have for all aspiring personal trainers, gym rats looking for an edge, and anyone else interested in the most safe, correct ways to perform their favorite exercises. The manual and included DVD's detail how to correctly perform 5 total body, 14 lower body, 36 upper body, and 2 abdominal exercises.

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Once you make the decision to obtain your personal training certification, start promoting a new client base by gathering "Fans" by getting qualified to become a Campus Man. You can show off your new career and share your knowledge about personal fitness to others. And most importantly, start building a fanbase of potential customers. Plus, its a free promotional tool for you.

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