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Chicken-Legs in the gym. Everyone knows the type: Huge, well-muscled guys walking around in gym shorts that betray their tiny, unimpressive legs. Don't risk being the guy that gets made fun of, and be sure to take care of your calves. You'll be amazed at how much your overall appearance changes once you become the proud owner of a pair of strong, well-muscled calves!

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When researching how to build your calves, consider that becoming a Campus Man can supply you with rewards and then some. many guys who become Campus Men receive motivation and feedback from the Fans they accumulate on

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There's a very good reason why there are so many different calve workout plans available, all pushing you into doing different routines for the calves. The truth is that everyone's calves react differently to muscular stimulus. You might experience an easy time putting on muscle with a simple 8 to 12 routine. On the other hand, you might be a hard gainer who needs to really focus on getting a lot of the right nutrition on top of lifting harder than most other guys. The main thing is to keep it all as challenging as you can and to choose one of this book or DVD...

Step 4

Book: Maximum Calves - This is a specialty program for guys who want their calves to get bigger. Although written in the late 80's, this old favorite still works. (The human body has not changed, after all.) So, don;t let the publication date dissuade you from considering this semi-rare book. It works and is special targeted to the calves you want to improve. The book's exercises aim for symmetry in the calves. If you are looking for calf training tips alone, this is the book to order.

Step 5

DVD: Session 6. Detail Training: Calves, Abs & Forearms of Joe Weider's Bodybuilding Training System - $62.99 - Champion bodybuilders have been using this system for years, so it will work for you, too. Most of the other books published since Joe Weider have simply copied his advice. This is a complete 4 DVD Set of instructional series, but we highly suggest Session 6 for those guys seeking to build calves. So, you will get a complete system, but this DVD will be the major answer for your effort to get your calves bigger. Filled with exercises that you may not have known about.

Step 6

Techniques You Should Consider to Get Calves Bigger Different Grips (Toe Position): Getting a full calf workout requires huge attention to detail, meaning that you must hit both the inner and outer portion of the muscle to keep things proportionate. Varying your toe position- inner, outer, and parallel, is essential to getting an effective calf workout. Experiment with both Calf Blocks and Calf Machines to find out what works best for you!

Step 7

Partial Reps: Some of your muscles have a wide range of motion- as a result, they are very picky as to how they respond to weight stimulus. Read up on how to do partial reps, a technique that is especially helpful in developing the calves- the upper, middle, and lower portions of your muscle will receive an equally intense workout!

Step 8

Exercise Intensity: "Up fast, down slow" this is the mantra of any weightlifter serious about packing a few inches into his or her arms. When you increase the workout intensity, your muscles become more comfortable with lifting the weight, meaning that you will see better results, faster than ever before! Don't just move the weight up and down- own it!

Step 9

Items You Must Buy When Seeking How to Get Calves Bigger Finally, you'll need some basic supplies for the gym. Buy these Weightlifting Supplies: Explosive Calves - $26.95 - This is an exciting product that you actually wear while doing your normal sports. Wearing Explosive Calves while you play and during drills, allows you to promote the muscle fiber recruitment you need to increase power for greater speed and elevation. You promote the maximum amount of muscle fiber recruitment by wearing Explosive Calves while you play and during drills. This trains your calves for increased speed and more power for better and higher jumps.

Step 10

Calf Block by TDS $49.95 - Really isolate and pump up those pesky, stubborn calves with this specialized piece of equipment. Rubber coated for extra grip strength and with heavy-duty and caps for extra stability, this device is a must-have for anyone looking to take their calves to the next level!

Step 11

Pro-Tec Calf Sleeve $10.99 - This sleeve offers protection and insulation for your calf muscles, minimizing the risk of strains or tears during a workout. The 3mm thick neoprene constriction is not only lightweight and flexible, but also easy to wash!

Step 12

Body Glove 90131 Open Patella Breathable Neoprene Knee Support with Foam Pad $20.74 - Whether you have faulty knees or just want to take the proper preventative measures, this knee support can help you keep things stable and in check during your workout. The "open patella" construction means that the brace fits around your knee, with the kneecap exposed- allowing for superior protection without restraining mobility.

Step 13

Bowflex SelectTech 552 (5 to 52 pound) Dumbbells $349.00 - Combining 15 weights into one space-saving set of dumbbells, the Bowflex SelecTech weight set allows the user to select any amount of weight- from 5 to 52 lbs, and focus on any number of muscle groups along the entire body! The unused weight remains stored in the dumbbell stands, and can be easily adjusted with a dial-style selector. Combine these with the Calf Block by TDS for an outrageous calf workout!

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Once you develop bigger calves, its time to start getting attention for your hard work by getting qualified to become a Campus Man. You can show off your new legs and calves by uploading a photo that shows some muscle, or make videos to share your newfound knowledge to others. And most importantly, start building a fanbase of girls who admire your legs. Girls see you on and click to "Become your Fan." Remember, building muscularity is worthless if nobody gets to sees what you have built!

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