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CLA is short of Conjugated Linoleic Acid and is found in Red meats and dairy products. Whole organic (grass fed cows) milk is high in CLA however, you also get more calories and probably too much other fat for one sitting. CLA in supplemental form is best. As a brief overview of why this supplement is important- 1) promotes proper assimilation of food that you eat so it is burned rather than stored 2) The calories you eat will be shuttled to building more muscle mass opposed to being stored in the fat cell) 3)Nourishes the cell membrane of fat cells which prevent their expansion- very important to control fat cell size and thus fat gain. All of these benefits equate to less fat and more muscle!

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To start- CLA takes a while to work. For this reason, when I get asked how to take this or if I recommend it, my answer is always: yes to take the supplement but also to be patient. This is one supplement that needs a good 1-2 months to begin seeing major effects. However, the consistency and patience will be well worth it because there is plenty of research proving to be effective. ( The majority of supplements on the market have NO clinical placebo controlled research or third party verification)

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The dosage for CLA is 1-2 grams 3 times daily with food. Take one dose with breakfast, lunch and dinner. The whole idea on dosage is for 1) absorption and 2) your cells need to be continually supplied with this fatty acid to help restructure the fat cell to expose the benefits outlined in step 1. If you want faster results, go with 2 grams at each meal.

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The problem with the modern diet is it is often void of this powerful fatty acid-mainly due to excessive pesticides and processed foods which lower the level naturally present. It usually takes about 1 month for the body to become accustomed to this fat and for it's benefits to be noticeable in the body. To see results quicker while supplementing with CLA- considering switching to organic 2% milk (or whole for that matter) and also go for hormone free red meat.

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It may be hard to remember to take the pill and be consistent- set reminders on your phone until it becomes a habit at each major meal to take at least 1 gram of CLA. Before long it will become a habit- knowing that it directly promotes less fat storage and more fatty acid utilization- so more of those calories you eat will be used for building muscle!

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It's funny how the nutritional paradigm of society completely flips through the years. The 90's was huge in promoting a low fat, high carbohydrate and relatively low/moderate protein diet. The idea was to get rid of all the fat in products and replace with simple sugars (in the form of processed flour mainly). This was a huge backfire as America got even fatter! Through the 2000's and today, fat has made a comeback and there is plenty of science to confirm the right kind of fat is essential to our health and hormonal development- as well as to help promote a lean and muscular physique. CLA is one such fat that can help promote a lean and muscular physique

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I have been involved in sports supplements for a number of years both personally and professionally.

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