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Supplementation for L-Glutamine is often an area I'm asked because it can be abundant in the diet already. If you eat a lot of dairy proteins such as whey and casein- chances are you are getting a good amount of glutamine. But, is it enough? A hard training individual needs to make sure they have enough L-Glutamine reaching the muscle cell because it is quickly depleted from hard training. For this reason, supplementing with glutamine is a great way to make sure the benefits of glutamine are taken advantage of. The four times I recomend to take Gltuamine are: First thing in the morning, Before working out, after working out, and before bed.

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First thing in the morning, the body is in a depleted state and L-Gltuamine is helpful to support an optimal environment for a healthy, muscular body. Upon waking, take in 5-10 grams L-glutamine to encourage your body in muscle building and fat loss mode.

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Before workouts is an essential time to take glutamine because it prevents the excessive breakdown of muscle tissue during workouts, and does a great job of volumizing the muscle cell for more nutrients and hormones to enter the cell. The better a cell is hydrated, the more anabolic it is. This keeps the catabolic hormone cortisol to moderate levels which highly encourages successful workouts. When I experimented with Glutamine in this manner, I noticed great fullness in my muscles and a better response to training. Go with 5 grams 20-30 min. before working out.

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Post-workout glutamine supplementation puts the body on a fast track for recovery. Since working out depletes glutamine from the body, restoring this amino acid at this time will encourage recovery and cell hydration. It also works with other amino acids at this time to encourage their absorption and response at the muscle site (most notably branched chained amino acids). Go with 5-10 grams of glutamine post-workout

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Before bed is the last time of the day to take glutamine. taking glutamine at this time will encourage the body to release growth hormone during the night while you sleep and will assist in recovery. You should take 5-10 grams before bed with a protein shake.

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The recommendations I made for glutamine may seem a little high, however, glutamine is used directly as a fuel source in the small intestines as well to keep your digestive and immunity on track. For this reason, taking in extra glutamine is important to make sure you obtain the great benefits this amino acid has to offer

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L-Glutamine has been a popular and effective supplement for a number of years. I first experimented with Glutamine in high school when I was training hard to put on more weight. It allowed me to train hard and helped put on a decent amount of muscle mass. L-Glutamine is the most abundant intracellular amino acid in the muscle- making up about 61% of the composition. It is recognized for aiding in the recovery and maintenance of muscle tissue, promoting growth hormone release, and encouraging immunity. Adequate L-Glutamine should be a staple in any athlete's supplement arsenal.

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I have been involved in fitness/health and bodybuilding both personally and professionally for a number of years.

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