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Attending a football camp can be a very productive experience to build upon and enhance a quarterback skills. First, obtain a list of the programs which are putting on the camps. Most of the time this is through a pamphlet or an online ad. Is this a local camp which has brief techniques for the quarterback and other positions? Or is this an elite State or Nationally recognized camp which features highly experienced coaches/ professional players, or personnel which are directly involved in a successful football program? Usually, local camps will feature structure from local high school coaches.

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When looking into local camps- determine who will be leading the instruction on the camp. Sometimes, it may be a coach which works with quarterbacks at a local high school or simply a head high school football coach. If the camp is not well recognized but part of a high school program, the advice for the quarterback will be basic and in line with the type of program/offense the high school partakes in. This is open to all levels of experience of the quarterback and doesn't require one to be an elite quarterback to begin with. This will include standard drop-back techniques, throwing procedures and formation set-ups specific towards optimizing an offense and building on basic quarterback skills. The benefits with local camps is that you get experience and instruction with familiar coaches which can really help to steer your skills towards that organization, and also build a relationship with future or current coaches.

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When looking into camps further away, but may be state or nationally recognized, first consider the location. If it's far enough away that requires a hotel stay over the course of the quarterback camp, make sure there will be a highly experienced collage or professional quarterback sponsoring onsite to enhance your skills, with other experienced coaches. This camp will cost much more but will also be more advanced. The quarterback can make tremendous improvements in his footwork, throwing accuracy, decision making and competitive nature. This camp is usually best suited for quarterbacks who are well versed in the basics and need professional advice and critique to bring their game to the next level. This camp is faster paced and more demanding in nature than a local camp. It will offer both basic and advanced skills.

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Ultimately, it will depend on what the athlete wants to get out of the camp. A more expensive, more professional camp will offer more expertise, more direction, will be much faster paced and demanding than a local camp. If the quarterback were to attend this camp, be sure to come mentally and physically ready for lots of repetitions. My experience with professional camps has taught me the pace will be faster, the repetitions will be more (that is you may do one certain play or technique 10 times before it's "right") and the expectations will be higher. For me, a higher expectation alone helped improve my diligence in the camp, because I simply knew I was being watched by some highly experienced and talented athletes and coaches in the sport!

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Be prepared mentally. Come into the Quarterback camp with an open mind in technique adjustment. Much of any type of camp will be focused upon technique and accuracy. Make sure to put aside your ego and really pay attention to what the instructor(s) are trying to get across. Correcting quarterback technique can make major improvements in ball accuracy, agility and decision making.

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Make sure the camp you attend is geared toward improving the quarterback position as a whole and not just geared toward improving a quarterback's technique based solely on a football formation. For example, some camps are specific for a wishbone or "option" formation, and will provide instruction and technique specific towards that formation. If your program focuses on that formation offered in the camp- it could be a benefit-however if it does not, then it would seem out of place. The point is to determine if a certain formation will be used throughout the camp.

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Improving an athletes quarterback skills when attending a camp requires an attentive mind at all times. I remember when I was attending an advanced quarterback course in my earlier years in which a couple of my fellow athletes ran hills for a portion of one of the days of camp because they were not attentive. Instead of listening to the coach for instruction, they were in the back of the group chatting. The quarterback coach sent them off to do hills for a half hour instead of fine-tuning their skills! Even more, his attitude towards the two was slightly harsh throughout the camp, due to their lack of respect prior to. What a waste of money and experience! This was a bit extreme, but remember when attending camps of any kind, be sure to come focused on the outcome of improving your skills.

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I began playing football when I was 8 years old, up through my High School years. It was always one of my favorite sports, in which I was a quarterback throughout my time playing. I won the State punt, pass, and kick competition when I was 11 years old. I've attended multiple quarterback and standard football camps through the years.

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