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Step 1

Now, to start out, my program changes once every six weeks. So, what I say now will probably vary in the next month and a half or so. With that being said, my current workout program is for days on, and three off.

Step 2

So, I'll work out Monday and Tuesday. I'll take Wednesday off. And workout Thursday and Friday. That gives my body enough time to recover and recuperate. I see a lot of guys go on five or six days in a week. And that's just way too much. I mean, your body is not going to be able to recover and it is not going to be able to grow.

Step 3

On Monday, what I do is chest and shoulders. And, all of my exercises I do compound movements. And, I think that's really key. Because you're not going to get the massive strength gains or even cuts, I don't believe, if you just do the basic isolation exercises.

Step 4

So, for chest will do is how do incline bench and then I'll go and do flat dumbbell bench press. And then I'll finish off with with a movement like cable crossovers.

Step 5

For shoulders, I'll do military press and upright rows. Like I said, I stick with the basic compound movements. And That works great.

Step 6

Tuesday, what I do is, I do back and abs. For back, I'll start off doing deadlifts and then I'll go to pull ups, most of the time I use weighted pullups, like they'll strap on a 45 pound weight to my waist and I'll do pullups. They'll do bentover rows. And, that exercise, along with T-bar rows, either one, substitute, so I always change it up. Like if I do T-bar rows on one Tuesday, then the following Tuesday I'll do bentover rows. You want to keep on switching it up so you can keep on surprising your body.

Step 7

Then on Wednesday, like I said I take off. I don't do any exercises or anything.

Step 8

Thursday, I got arms. And I've got legs. For arms, the best muscle building exercise for biceps is barbell curls. That, along with dumbbell curls. If you use those two, those are staples every time. Like I will vary them, I will always do some form of either barbell curls or dumbell curls. So, that's for my biceps. For triceps, what I'll do is laying tricep extensions, as well as tricep pressdowns. Both are great for mass and shape and size.

Step 9

For legs, what I'll do, is just squats. I mean squats they work your whole legs, I mean it's a full body exercise. But, obviously they're going to work your legs. To the max. Basically, that's all it is my legs.

Step 10

And Friday, I usually I use it as a catchup day. Because, I work my chest and shoulders on Monday, I'll probably do some more chest and shoulders on Friday, because they are just about all were covered up. And then I'll probably incorporate some back to. As for abs, like I said, most of what I do them on Tuesday with back but I will try and do abs about three times per week. You keep them working yet treat them like any other body part, they are smaller. So, they're going to recover quicker. But I think three times has really worked well for me.

Step 11

Cardio wise, I'd rather do treadmill cardio with like a slow pace, for like 50 minutes. I wish use high-intensity, the very, it's very hard cardio. How do sprints for 50 yards, and then I'll walk for say 200 m. And then I'll do like a sprint for 50 yards and now walk. If you keep on doing those, your body is going to burn more fat that way. And you're going to get better results. And that's what I really found work great for me.

Step 12

So, to wrap up, I work out four days per week, I'll do cardio about three days per week after workouts. And it works great that way. Make sure you have enough time to recover. Use compound exercises and you will be golden.

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For all my exercises, I stick with a rep rate just from six to 10, 6 to 10 seems great for mass and size.

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