Should I Drink Protein Before Bed?

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So, this brings me to my last product. This is a BSN supplement, BSN syntha-6. This is a sustained release a product protein powder flavored mochachino. Great product. Tastes great and mixes really easy.

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If you take this prior to going to bed, you're not going to feel as hungry in the morning.

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And it's a great amino acid supplement also. It helps, it has little bit of fiber in there too. So, it will keep you full. So, quality right here: BSN syntha-6.

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And that concludes my supplement program. And, just like I said, if you train right, if you eat right and you sleep right and you take these, you will be a big guy and you're to make it stacked easily. So, take these products. Do the right thing. And get pumped. Thanks.

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