What Foods Are Good to Eat After a Workout?

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After my workout, I'm sure you guys have heard of it, Cytosport Muscle Milk. It's not the top seller for no reason guys. I mean it works. It tastes great.

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You'll tend to want to lean up while getting bulkier. Which is what we all want right? So, this is the product right here. It's about 20 bucks on DPS nutrition and I mean it's as simple as that. You guys should just go get this product because it is going to give you great results. So, Cytosport Muscle Milk.

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Along with my post workout regimen, I will take Vitamin E and Vitamin C. Both of these you can get at Wal-Mart. I think, both of them if you get both of them, they will run you about 15 bucks.

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What these do is they attack the free radicals after you get done working out. Because, after you done working out, those free radicals are just very high. So, you want to eliminate them, so than your body can then in turn build muscle. So, that's what these will do. So, these are both really good products. They're fairly cheap and they are a staple in my supplement program.

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A vitamin after workout helps out a lot.

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Muscle Milk Collegiate $32.99

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