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Buying a protein powder that builds muscle has to do with the source and quality of the protein in the product. Such sources of powdered protein include: milk proteins, egg protein, soy protein, rice protein, beef protein, pea protein, and a few others. The most popular is the dairy protein whey. Whey has an extremely high bioavailability and absorption- so that your body will actually use more of the protein you consume. (A person will absorb 20 g of whey protein better than 20 grams of chicken). Whey protein is also high in Branched chained amino acid- which act as a driver for muscle protein synthesis. Whey protein concentrates or Isolates should be part of the ideal protein source to build muscle. Research has shown whey to spike protein synthesis better than other proteins

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Whey alone is not the most effective protein to build muscle. Micellar Casein protein is also very effective to achieve muscle rebuilding as well. Notice I stated Micellar Casein- not sodium caseinate or calcium caseinate- as these are not as effective as micellar casein. Micellar casein is known as a highly anti-catabolic protein. What this means is that it has a slow and steady release of amino acids into the blood stream to prevent catabolism. It's not as anabolic as whey, however it is superior when it comes to maximizing and extending protein synthesis over a longer period of time.

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Putting the two concepts together, an ideal protein would contain 50% whey protein and 50% casein protein. Reseach confirms the combination of protein sources deliver superior results compared to just one type of protein. Whey is the most bioefficent and micellar casein is the most anti-catabolic. This combination elevates protein synthesis and sustains it over a longer period of time compared to other proteins. The result is more muscle mass.

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Purchase a 100% whey protein product and a 100% Micellar Casein product. Combine 1/2 serving of whey and 1/2 serving of casein for the best muscle building protein to fuel muscles. Be careful not to purchase inferior protein which adds maltodextrins and cheap amino acids to the ingredient label. Stick with known and trusted brands.

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I like to ingest protein between my major meals and before I go to bed to ensure my body is constantly staying in a positive nitrogen balance.

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Just because a protein powder is cheap, doesn't mean it is worth buying. When it comes to protein powder, I recommend buying from a credible company who clearly labels the types of proteins in the product. I once bought a protein supplement that was on clearance at $20.00 for a 5 lb. jar. The problem was that it was clumpy, looked and tasted horrendous and the actual ingredients in the product were questionable. Needless to say, this was something that I chose to throw out instead of use. In the sports nutrition industry, it is important to stick with trusted brands that you can be confident in the quality!

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I've used protein powders for over a decade and have experience both from a personal and professional level with protein powders

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