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There are alot of ways to improve your game. Soccer is a multi-faceted sport and depending on the goals you've set for yourself, there are countless exercises you can employ to up your game. No matter what position you play though, speed, agility, ball control, and placement are going to be important.

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If your soccer career is important to you, then it is smart to invest in a few aids that will help you reach your highest potential.

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I highly suggested these five items for a beginner: The SKLZ Star Kick, a set of cones, a placement goal, Futsol juggling balls and most importantly for a beginner: a soccer training DVD or DVD set.

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You will be able to use cones to practice a lot of moves. They are used to set up "goals" in your practice area. You can also combine the cones with the SKLZ speed ladder.

Step 5

A speed ladder is essential, but be sure not to buy a version that is too lightweight in construction. A lightweight speed ladder is easier to carry back and forth to where you train, but when you attempt to use a lightweight speed ladder, it can fly out of place when you kick the ball near it. Some players can also purchase spikes to keep the ladder in place.

Step 6

You will need soccer ball, of course, but be sure to purchase a set of small balls to practice juggling. I prefer the Futsol brand.

Step 7

You'll do well to pick up a hands-free trainer like the SKLZ Star Kick. For lack of one of these, you can use a wall or devoted friend to kick with. The benefit of having a hands-free trainer though, is that it's portable and always ready to go.

Step 8

Last but not least, I highly recommend getting a placement goal if you can afford it. The one I've listed in the products section by Powerbolt is pretty affordable at just under $100. It has sections cut out in key targeting areas of the goal so that you can practice your accuracy. You'll be surprised how quickly working at this will translate to better comfort shooting and increased passing consistency.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

The best way to improve is to be consistent with your practice. It's better to play 30 minutes a day every day than two hours twice a week. My advice: Develop a personal practice schedule and do your best to stick to it.

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Being an athlete today, one has access to many devices that streamline the training process. When I was growing up, I used to go out on my driveway with my soccer ball, kick it up on my roof, and wait it for it to come rolling down the shingles, hit the gutter, and pop into the air. I would then get under the ball, control it, and repeat, hoping all the while that my mom didn't hear me and come outside to stop me. Though I couldn't initially afford them, there are plenty of aids that can be used more effectively than my mom's roof to enhance one's game.

When did you first do this & how did you get started?

My friend Jamie gave me a handsfree trainer, similar to the SKLZ Starkick, for my tenth birthday. I would fasten the velcro contraption around my waist, put my ball in the holder attached to the waist device by bungie rubber and kick to myself for hours without having to destroy our home. My parents loved it AND it did great things for my ball control.

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