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Advanced soccer players tend to refer to soccer cleats as soccer boots. The first step in getting a soccer boot that is best for you, as in all internet shopping, is research. A few things to consider: How big or small do each pair of cleats run as far as sizing? How light are they? What is the return policy? What do customer reviews sound like?

Step 2

What surface or surfaces will I be playing on? I've listed options below for each playing surface you might encounter. There are an infinite amount of choices out there, but these won't disappoint:

Step 3

For Turf - Nike5 Bomba Finale Turf Soccer Shoes

Step 4

For Soft Ground- Nike Tiempo Mystic II Soft Ground Cleat

Step 5

On Firm Ground- Adidas adiPure 11Pro

Step 6

For playing on Indoor surfaces- Adidas Samba Millennium Indoor Soccer Shoe

Step 7

Most players won't be able to justify buying cleats for each type of surface they may play on. That's fine. You can get away with using most cleats interchangeably between soft ground, firm ground, and turf. If you will be playing indoor though, most facilities will require you to use shoes without studs.

Step 8

Next consider the construction material. Most players buy leather boots, but there are great differences between the types of leather. You may be intersted in saving money if you are buying online, but elite soccer players typically plan for their soccer boots to only last one season. In so doing, they do not skimp on the most important piece of equipment they need for top-level performance. Most choose sharkskin leather, kangaroo leather, or regular leather.

Step 9

Sharkskin leather is very light in weight. For players, the lighter the shoe, the better their performance on the field. Sharkskin leather will likely only last one season. After your seaosn is over, its probably time to buy another pair.

Step 10

Next, consider the tread or sole. There are cleats for defenders, which help keep the player stationary on the turf and have a sole that keeps the player from slipping.

Step 11

Striker cleats have a smaller surface space and are made for acceleration and grip.

Step 12

Once you know what you want, do a price check. One benefit of shopping online is that you have thousands of sellers at your fingertips. Google is a great resource for this. Type your cleat selection into the search bar, click the "shopping" option below, and select the vendor you want to buy from.

Step 13

Before you check out, be sure to use google one last time for a promo code search. Type the store you want to buy from and "coupons" (__store___ coupons), press enter, and see what you find.

Step 14

Once you get your cleats, be sure to practice in them before a game. It's never a good idea to play a game in boots that haven't been broken in, which can cause painful blisters.

Step 15

Lastly, you want your boot to hold up through the season, so be sure to invest in a shoe cleaner and spend extra time putting away your equipment before going out to celebrate your victory.

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If possible, make sure that the return policy is for at least 30 days and allows for USING THE PRODUCT ON THE PITCH and still returning if you're unsatisfied.

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For some people it's necessary to buy cleats online due to availability, location, or other circumstances. Though I usually recommend buying a pair of cleats that you're able to try on first, most sites have good return policies. I've been buying cleats all my life and there are a few basic things you should look for when doing so.

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