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Step number one: How many balls do you want? Do you have a large squad? If you're running 21 deep, get 21 balls. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one ball for each player. Here's a helpful tip though: Check out what the discount is for purchasing in bulk. Most sites have tiered pricing per ball based on quantity ordered. It may be worth it to buy a few more and get a cheaper rate.

Step 2

Step number two: Are these practice balls? More than likely you will be asked to provide a ball for some matches. I recommend trying to find a ball that is good enough for game use. These types of soccer balls are called "match balls" as opposed to "practice balls." Simple enough, right? But what's the difference? A match ball typically is made using either four or five layers of lining. A practice ball will not have more than four. Basically the more lining the better and the softer the ball. Match balls will also usually bear a FIFA approved mark (a good way to tell).

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Step number three: What are the conditions you'll be playing in? Do you live in a rainy area? Are your fields muddy? Bumpy? Pick out a ball with good durability and water resistance. I also would avoid buying professional match soccer balls (the next step up in quality from a match ball) if you're going to be playing near a parking lot (where stray shots will land and scuff up the balls) or in generally poor, non-turf conditions. You'll be disappointed at how quickly your shiny, new soccer balls will become dirty and scratched up.

Step 4

Have you thought about color possibilities? This is an often neglected aspect of the purchase, but it doesn't have to be more expensive or any more of a hassle to pick a soccer ball in the team's color(s). While it shouldn't probably be your first consideration, there are a lot of quality soccer balls out there, and a quick google search of ___(color)___ match/practice soccer balls will bring up plenty of viable options

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In the high school tournaments I played in, whichever team won the game got to keep the match ball. We ended up getting some pretty sweet balls for team practice as a result of this.

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Playing club we were always expected to bring our own balls to practice, but for my high school team, they were always there because the school has a rich tradition of soccer. We had more equipment than we knew what to do with. If you're coaching a fairly high performance team, it sometimes makes since to buy balls for practice. If you happen to be a high school or college coach, you will be expected to provide them. Your players won't be pleased if you make them carry a soccer ball through school with them every day.

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