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The first step to deciding on the pair of boots you'll be scoring your hundreds of goals with is listing what characteristics you're looking for. You don't have to make a physical list, but it may help. In my case, I value low weight, kangaroo leather, and a comfortable, smooth lacing system that won't affect my touch.

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As a striker, you have certain needs that a defender does not. In addition to this, even amongst strikers, there are preferential and stylistic differences. Some strikers are known for their speed and want the lightest possible cleats, others make their millions by being able to turn on the drop of a dime. For these players a firm grip on the field is imperative. Here are some cleat qualities/personal attributes to think about: Speed, technique, agility/traction (how quickly and effectively can you change direction?), durability (Kangaroo leather? Shark leather? Avoid synthetics.), and you should be sure to consider the weather where you live or play. Does it rain alot? You may want to think about getting a pair of soft ground cleats if you live in, say, Seattle.

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Make your choice. Among lightweight boots, the Puma V1.10 is legendary. At the time it came out on the market a few years back it was the lightest pair of cleats ever manufactured. Weighing in at 5.3 ounces, it was the perfect cleat for my game. It's still one of the lightest in existence, though Adidas' F50 adiZero Prime has since ousted it from its throne weighing in at 5.1 oz. Nike's Mercurial Vapor line is a popular choice among top of the line strikers like Thierry Henry, Clint Dempsey, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Because while not as light as the above mentioned cleats, the vapors are still nearly weightless. Additionally, they are known to have great traction, allow for quick changes of speed, and facilitate the slickest control and dribbling technique. There are plenty of great boots out there. I've listed a few here and added a few more quality options in the product section. Take a look, pick a pair, and go win a championship.

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Certain cleats may only last a season. The Puma V1.10, for instance, has a reputation of not being so durable despite its high quality performance. Know this going in. Vapors may last longer, but often times need replacement after a long season. Read reviews or better yet, talk to players who own a boot before you commit. You may be in a position to buy an expensive pair of cleats each season, but not everyone is. Know the average life span of your cleat.

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I've played every position on the field at one point or another, but I figured out pretty quickly that I belong up top. As I began to take my game more seriously, I started searching for a cleat that would give me an edge over defenders. As a forward, your cleats are the only thing between you and the ball. It's important then, to love the cleats you're in.

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