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Step #1: How portable is portable? Portability exists on a sliding scale. What is easily moved for one person may not be the same for another. I know of no full sized goals that I would consider "portable," though most can be moved with a truck and some muscle. My bounce back goal was about 3/4 size. It is more portable, but one would have difficulty sticking it in the trunk of a car for instance. PUGG goals are a fantastic buy for small sided games and can be carried by one person and stored anywhere. Decide what you're looking for.

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Step #2: How many to order? I'm going to assume that anyone reading this tip is looking for a small, pop up goal like the PUGG goals. These are an increasingly popular and effective training tool that most professional players have used or are currently using. Pop up goals are simply unmatched in portability.

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One goal may be sufficient for personal training in the front yard. Are you trying to run small sided possession games at practice? Consider grabbing a couple. Many sites will allow you to save money by buying more than one.

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Step #3: Materials When deciding between soccer goals, the material of your choice is an important consideration. Metal goals will rust if left outside. They also may not be as portable as their flexible, plastic counterparts. Metal goals will typically hold up better unless they begin to rust in which case, they will not be looking too good for long. Pop up goals will save time in the setup process too, whereas fitting the angular pieces of a metal goal together will take more time during setup. The possibility of pieces bending out of shape is always a possibility as well. In short, pop up goals are a great choice for portable practice situations, but if you're practicing free kicks, or just want something bigger, you might want to look at a larger, metal construct.

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Step #4: Usage Haul that thing to the park, practice, school, your friend's place and anywhere else you can think to play. The idea is to have a PORTABLE goal, so make sure you're getting your money's worth. Now you can throw a goal in the back of your car or mom's soccer van and have a game on the go.

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I remember when my friend Christian got a full sized goal from a lady who lived across the street. She just gave it to him. He called a couple of us up and was like, "You're not going to believe this." That was a great summer. A few years later, I saved up and bought a bounce back net.

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