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When deciding on what soccer ball to buy, the first question to ask is what size of ball you should be using. If you're 12 years or older, you will almost certainly be using the standard size 5. Eight to twelve year olds typically play with size 4, and any players younger than eight will be using size 3.

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Determine how often and at what level you'll be using the ball you choose. There's no sense in buying a $140 professional match ball if you're just going to be playing in the park on Sundays. Everyone wants to have the best they can afford, but with most things, soccer balls included, pricier does not always equal better.

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When you head into the sports department at the store and locate the soccer aisle, there are a few things you should be looking for in the ball you decide on: 1) What does it say about water absorption? Will it get heavier in the rain? 2) Is it FIFA inspected? It's a a good sign if it's passed the FIFA inspection. 3) What color would you like? There are alot of options and I guarantee you can find a soccer ball in a color you like. 4) Now consider the kind of abuse you'll be putting your ball through. Do you have plans to keep it in a fur case and protect it from If not, then your new purchase is not going to stay in pristine condition. Some balls handle the stress of being kicked and slammed around better than others. What does the box say about durability?

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Here are a few good options depending on how much you want to spend: Under $20 - Nike Acuto Team Soccer Ball Under $40 - Adidas Finale 12 Top Sportivo Soccer Ball, Nike CR7 Prestige Soccer Ball Under $80 - Select Super FIFA Soccer Ball Under $130 - Select Brilliant Super Soccer Ball, Nike Seitiro EPL Hi-Vis Match Ball

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* Kicking the balls that your teammates bring to practice is a good way to decide what you want. See what makes your friends like and try those out.

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It was a long time after I started playing before I ever had to buy a soccer ball. My cousin played, my uncle coached, and they always let me use their stuff. I also frequently found abandoned balls in park soccer nets when I was out practicing. After a few years though, I tired of bringing the worst ball to practice and decided to ask my parents for a good one.

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