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Step #1: Have a design in your head that your excited about. Alright, soccer players... If you're reading this, you're probably playing matches through the coldest weather of the year or maybe you're just really European. Either way, you're itching to rock a specially designed team soccer scarf. You aren't buying a bandwagon, mass-produced fashion accessory. No, you're scarf says look at me rival teams, I have spirit... and it's designed better than your spirit. -- Vicky added this on 4:22 EST --

Step 2

Step #2: The design process. Get on your computer and start looking at what other players are wearing. Find out what your options are. There are plenty of great customization sites out there. -- Vicky added this on 4:22 EST --

Step 3

Step #3: Send in your concept. Customer service representatives will remain in contact with you throughout the design and production of your scarf. Once you've decided on the option you'd like to be wearing to the next home game, they will keep you up to date on the status of your order until the moment it arrives at your door. -- Vicky added this on 4:22 EST --

Step 4

Step #4: Tell others about your experience. If you're pleased with the way your order turned out, let others know. Write a review. Tell your coach where you got it. Teammates and friends will probably be asking how you made that awesome scarf. -- Vicky added this on 4:22 EST --

Step 5

Step #5: Enjoy. You now have the most important tool for enjoying the coldest of soccer matches. (Don't neglect the hot chocolate though, you might need that too.) -- Vicky added this on 4:22 EST --

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I remember sitting on the bench my freshman year during a FREEZING cold match. I was bundled up and sipping hot chocolate with the seniors. I remember it so well because it was the one time I ever remember hoping that coach wouldn't look my way.

When did you first do this & how did you get started?

When I was a little boy, my aunt and uncle used to take me to the occasional Columbus Crew game. It was great... until October rolled around. Ohio weather fluctuates more than anywhere else I've ever been, and from time to time it gets COLD. Inevitably, the Crew would play on these days and we diehard fans would be out there bundled up with hot cocoa, blankets, and scarves. Without the scarves, we may never have made it through those matches. While I never had a scarf for any team I played on, I wish I had. I then could have avoided wrapping my mom's pink and purple ones around my neck before winter games.

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