How to make your night club or chain into one of the top college bars on your campus

Market your bar, club or restaurant as one of the best on your college campus with an online popularity contest coordinated free by  An online contest can give you a bigger bang for your marketing budget and generate hundreds of thousands of student impressions via the Internet.

College bars located near a football stadium are easy to sell.  But if you want to attract a campus crowd every day - not just during football games – you must reach out to popular students.

Being a top college bars means bringing in the most campus traffic. And who can help you do that? Not the loners, not the non-drinkers, not even the hottest girls on campus. 

Attracting the most popular students - or students who want to be popular – will get you to the top. is a tool for attracting popular students to your bar. It will also get those popular students to bring others in the door. will handle entries to your online popularity contest and promote the event without cost. However, you must agree to adequately fund a promotional advertising campaign through Google Adwords. becomes a partner with you in conducting the online contest. We have a proven record of success in promoting online student popularity.

Choosing Your Contest Format

The structure, naming and format of your contest are up to you. Participants simply use to enter the contest. Students will go to the site and register to enter the contest.

Naming the winner or winners is also up to you.

You can choose looks as your criteria, or the number of online votes for a certain student. Your staff can simply choose the best looking entrant as the winner. Or you can allow the campus population to choose the winner online.

Online popularity can be measured by quantity of Facebook likes; Tweets of a student's page or the number of visits to that student's page.

You will fill the tables, stools and booths in your campus bar or nightclub by announcing the winner. Contests are excellent draws on weeknights and non-game Saturdays, bolstering your campus bar's business when it is needed most.

Online Ads Get Students to Enter Your Contest

Anyone can hold a contest. But successful contests must include online advertising. Nobody will enter your contest if you do not promote it. You will not see NEW patrons.

Gone are the days when you can burn money on large ads in the Thursday campus newspaper. They're expensive and easily overlooked.

Newspaper ads do not produce a high-enough ROI. Online ads work better.

Ads Are Shown Only to People Located in Your Zip Codes will promote your contest through text-based ads and banners targeted to zip codes in your area. Your advertising dollars are well spent on the most relevant audience.

Your ads will appear on thousands of web sites students frequently visit.

Advertisements also appear on without cost to you.

Your bar pays for the cost of these advertisements directly to the Google Adwords program, not to CampusMen. You agree to spend $1,800 a month with Google Adwords for a minimum of three months to promote this contest.

What Your Bar Gets Free

By paying for the actual cost that Google charges for advertisements, you receive the following free from

  • We design all artwork for banner advertisements. We use your logo and you approve all artwork before it is published.
  • Our Certified Google Adwords Professionals will supervise the implementation and optimization of an online ad campaign to get the most for your advertising dollars. You only pay Google for the cost of ads.
  • We write all advertising copy and at least two news releases to promote the contest. You retain final approval of all wording and graphics.
  • We post a promotional news release and additional contest information on the blogosphere for your city and college, using our proprietary marketing methods and lists. This occurs at least 14 days prior to the start of the contest.
  • A wrap-up release naming the winner will be posted at the contest conclusion.

Choice of Prize

The prize or prizes awarded are up to you! We suggest one high-value prize to the winner or a low-value prize to every contest entrant. You pay for the cost of any and all prizes. Delivery of all prizes is your responsibility.

To begin your campus bar or nightclub's sponsorship of a contest, submit our contact form to the attention of Vicky Phipps.