College Student Gets Chosen to Appear in Workout Videos

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By Nik Janezic, a student at Virginia Tech.


In my video bio, I guess the staff at Campus Men, they liked this hat, I mean who would not like this hat? They liked it enough, they made me into a featured like model on their website, which is awesome. And what happened from there is I got an offer to do a couple video shoots and photo shoots and stuff. They flew me into Columbus, Ohio, that's where they were shooting at the time. And it just went from there. it was an easy thing.

I think I might have been chosen for this weekend just because of like maybe my hat, I don't know. I think it was cool because it was like an unusual thing to like, I felt like I was treated nicely and like, I'm having fun here and it's supposed to be like work. So, it feels great.

The first part of my like modeling work would have to be like with a personal trainer. We did some shoots of him explaining exercises and me demoing.

Alright, when I came for my shoot with like a personal trainer, he was actually throwing up though whole day, Friday. So, we didn't know if he was going to make it to the shoot or not, so luckily he did and we got it all done. He actually, he didn't even seem that sick when I saw him. He seemed kind of healthy. He said he had been throwing up all day.

I demoed for the trainer trainer. He had me do some reverse ab crunches, just some crunches with weights, those were pretty tough. Pyramid dumbbell curls, which he advises against. And then he had me just like do a regular bench press, nothing too serious. Just high intensity all those.

The personal trainer, he was very professional. He definitely knew his stuff. Like he had an answer to every question I had. Like, one of my concerns when I first saw him, like I have a six pack, and I was like I don't want to get big and lose my six pack, because I see like football players, like that happens to them all the time. They're huge, but they don't got a six pack. And he explained to me that like your abs, if you weightlift them, they'll just come in. So, him being an expert I will of course believe him, and I think that makes sense. The abs would just get deeper in.

Yeah, the personal trainer, he said my back was just fine. Which I thought was surprising because I never really work out my back, but he said it was perfect. He says my body is like a perfect template for someone who just wants to like, mass up 20 pounds of muscle, but like I can be a little bit intimidating for someone like, because I'm kind of happy with how I look now. I'm a defined, I'm a pretty toned guy. So, 20 pounds of muscle, who knows what it will do.

He's going to try to get me bigger and stuff. Just look sexier I guess. That's what we did Friday night. Now, the personal trainer, he's an expert alright, like I work out seven days a week currently. He said that's way too much. So, I was like: Why? And he said you're burning muscle that you could be adding to your body because you're working out way too much. So, he gave me a diet that he wants me to eat a lot more and exercise less but at a higher intensity. So, it kind of makes sense. You'll add muscle. I'm just kind of a little afraid to do it. But of course I'm going to give it a shot.

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