Reece's Video Shoot

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My experience with acting and modeling would have to be just lately when shooting these little videos for Campus Men and I got an extra part in CSI-Miami, which I shot Monday and probably just doing a little print ad in Missouri, just nothing too big.

I am here in Los Angeles now because, just to get exposure and to network, meet new people, get some video down, do some photo shoots, try to book some extra jobs. Just try to do all I can.

I am from the Midwest, so there is like two sides to it. Friends, they get, some of them kind of get kind of jealous and I find that they definitely supportive of me. And in doing just some little job, they get all riled up about it. Just for a little job.

Yeah, my mom calls me about - too many times per day. And she is always wanting to know what is going on. Who, what famous person I have seen that day. What famous person I worked with and just what I am doing. It gets kind of annoying, but she is just there to take care of me.

The day before i came out here, I needed to get rest because there is a three-hour time difference, since the daylight savings time happened like a day before I came out here. Plus, there is a two hour difference. So, I needed to get my rest, definitely. So, I had my roommate Tyler go to his girlfriend's room and sleep there, since I had to go to bed at 10 O'clock. Which the average time I go to sleep there - which everybody goes to sleep there - is probably about 3 or 2 O'Clock in the morning.